The Apocalypse Unveiled

The word apocalypse comes from the Greek word apokaluptein meaning “to uncover” or “to lift the veil”. Apocalyptic works are writings that are designed to disclose something hidden from the majority of mankind. The best known example of apocalyptic writing is The Revelation of St John the Divine in the Christian Bible.

In his book of revelation, St John described in symbolic language a series of events that would take place over a period of seven years, that would begin and end in Israel. This period would begin with a day of cataclysm (The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord), and end with the battle of Armageddon on the plains of Jezreel, near the ancient town of Megiddo.

Of course St John was not the only person to describe apocalyptic events in the Bible. In their gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke all made specific references to the words of Jesus relating to events that would occur prior to his return. The evangelist Paul referred to them in his epistles. These events were also echoed in the prophetic writings of the Old Testament.

In fact all of the Jewish prophets seemed obsessed with events relating to the “Latter Days”, even though they would not occur for thousands of years after their time.  Not only major prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel focused on the judgement that would be visited upon the Jews in the end times, but also minor prophets like Joel, Amos, Nahum, Haggai, Malachi and others.

But apocalyptic prophecies can also be found in the sacred works of many religions and cultures.  As can be seen from other articles posted on this Blog, similar descriptions of the ending of the current world age can be found among the prophetic works of the Hopi Indians of Arizona and the Maya of Central America.

All of these prophetic works describe a future time when cataclysmic disasters will assail the earth, affecting the whole of humanity. They also contain a common theme which can be set out as follows:

1) The present world age is considered to be an age of darkness, where humanity is ruled by Satan and his demons.

2) The coming age will be an age of enlightenment, ruled over by God and his angels.

3) The transition between these two world ages will come suddenly, “like a thief in the night”, when humanity is not expecting it.

4) This transition will be attended by catastrophic natural disasters, accompanied by war, famine, plague and great misery for mankind.

5) The present age will end in a final battle between the forces of good and evil that will culminate in the return to earth of a divine Saviour, who will judge all of mankind. Those who follow Satan will be cast into the fires of Hell, while those who follow God will be saved. They will inherit a new golden age of peace and happiness.

However, the problem that has plagued scholars who have tried to interpret these apocalyptic works over the years, is that they are all written in symbolic language that defies easy understanding. It is this fog of symbolic language that has made it so hard for readers to understand exactly what their authors had in mind.

This is what makes “The Last Days of Tolemac such a unique book. For in the course of his dialogue the Oracle sets out in plain English a clear outline of the events leading up to the disasters that will shortly afflict the earth, as well as a description of the events that will follow in the next seven years, culminating in the final battle that will lead to the return of the Saviour.

The Oracle not only quotes from the prophetic works of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and explains what they mean in simple language, but he also draws on the works of seers such as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus, as well as the inspired visions of Fatima and St Malachy relating to the future of the Catholic Church.

The drama that unfolds in “The Last Days of Tolemac” may seem impossible – even ridiculous – to the majority of the people alive on the planet today. It is however the future that has long been foretold by the prophets of old, as well as the those of the current era. It is the story of a world cleansed after thousands of years of abuse, and of a humanity purified from their former paths of violence and oppression.

According to the Oracle, there will come a time in the near future when the land of Israel will be completely surrounded by the armies of its enemies. So numerous will be the forces ranged against them, outfitted with the latest array of armaments, that the entire population will be gripped with despair at the prospect of imminent annihilation.

But at the very moment when their fate seems sealed, a miraculous intervention will occur in the heavens. An enormous comet will cross the orbit of the earth, and cause bitumin and fire to rain down from the skies. This combination of “brimstone and fiery hail” will catch the armies surrounding Israel exposed on the open plains, and will decimate them.

This rain of fire from the sky will spare Israel by completely demolishing the armies of their enemies. In fact there will be so much carnage that it will take six months to bury the carcases of the dead. This miraculous rescue from certain death will transform the Jewish nation. They will put aside their former differences, and join together in a common purpose.

A new temple will be built upon the Temple Mount, in place of the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque which will have been destroyed by the heavenly fire caused by the comet. The Jews will then reinstate their former system of worship under Mosaic law, and once more resume their ancient practice of animal sacrifice.

The damage wreaked by the comet will not be limited to the area around Israel, but will be world-wide in scope. When the comet passes, the entire earth will be deluged in a rain of molten missiles. The waters of the seas and lakes will become contaminated by a toxic sludge that will cause them to look like blood. Those who drink from these poisoned waters will die.

The “fiery hail” will also create world-wide forest fires that will scorch the land, wiping out crops and leading to subsequent drought and famine on a global scale. But worst of all the calamities spawned by the comet will be the asteroid that will strike the earth. This is the “great star from heaven” that St John calls “Wormwood”.

As the Oracle reveals, this agent of death will strike the earth in the middle of an ocean, generating a series of gigantic tidal-waves that will circle the planet. It will also set off a devastating re-alignment of tectonic plates that will cause entire land masses to rise and fall beneath the sea. The impact of this collision will be so great that it will lead to a change in the axis of the earth.

The tidal waves will impact the coastlines of the world, leading to the death of hundreds of millions of people within the first few minutes. In fact large portions of the land will be completely swamped, and low lying countries like Belgium and the Netherlands will simply disappear. These tsunamis will be accompanied by earthquakes larger than any in recorded history, that will devastate entire continents.

The United States will be reduced to a fraction of its former size, with both sea coasts disappearing beneath the waves. The new West Coast will extend inland beyond the city of Denver. The great cities along the East Coast will all be swallowed up by the sea. The Great Lakes will drain into the Gulf of Mexico, causing a vast inland sea that will split the nation into two parts.

In the book the Oracle explains in detail what will happen to each of the continents, and how new land-masses will rise out of the oceans, as other parts of existing continents are torn apart by earthquakes and slide beneath the sea. He also describes which places will be spared, and which countries will become great centres of learning in the coming age.

On the day that the asteroid strikes the earth, the entire world-wide system of commerce and trade will be wrecked. Those who have devoted their lives to building up their businesses will be reduced to utter despair, as the economic system described by St John as “Babylon the Great” is destroyed “in a single hour”. The Internet and all forms of electronic communication will also cease to function.

Those who live through the initial onslaught of the comet will have a desperate struggle to survive. Most of the infrastructure will be destroyed, making it even more difficult to find suitable water, food and shelter amidst the wreckage of what remains. They will face the threat of intense heat coupled with outbreaks of disease. Smoke from fires and volcanic eruptions will darken the sky, and enormous aftershocks will continue to shake the earth.

During the initial period following the cometary catastrophe, survivors will huddle together in small groups, many of them underground. Because law and order will have broken down, they will have to rely on their own resources to protect themselves from the armed gangs and crazed animals that will stalk the land. This truly will be the time of great tribulation spoken of by the prophets.

According to the Oracle, in the dark days that follow, the governments of the world will no longer be able to command authority, leaving a power vacuum in their place. But out of this chaos there will emerge a man who will draw to him the leaderless masses in what is left of Western Europe. This man will be blessed with singular qualities.

Not only will he be a man of charismatic charm, renowned for his powers of oratory and the ability to attract the masses, but what will make him seem divine to those who are drawn to him is that he will be able to display miraculous abilities. To the amazement of those around him, he will perform similar miracles to those that were attributed to Jesus.

Together with these divine qualities he will also bring a message of hope to all those who are suffering. He will preach a message of brotherhood and peace. He will heal the sick and feed the hungry. Everywhere he will be greeted as the long awaited saviour of mankind. Soon he will become the unrivalled leader of all of Europe, and he will set up his capital in Rome.

Because this charismatic leader will choose to base himself in the same city as the Vatican, the Pope will find himself in a delicate situation. He will need to balance the tradition of the Vatican as the bastion of the Catholic Church, against the popular support for a man who is able to demonstrate similar miraculous powers to those of the historical Christ. For a while there will be an uneasy truce between the two men.

As this man gains power so his domain will increase, until it covers all of what remains of the Western world.  He will also negotiate a treaty with Israel, promising to protect the Jews while at the same time allowing them to pursue their ancient religious practices. However, midway through the seven year period of the apocalypse, a dramatic change will occur.

The charismatic leader will suffer a “grievous head wound”. Although this will appear fatal, causing his followers to despair of his life, he will miraculously recover. But this recovery will be accompanied by a complete change in personality. In place of the man who had previously taught peace and kindness towards others, there will emerge a new person who will manifest demonic qualities.

Following his miraculous recovery he will announce to the world that, as a result of this injury he has undegone an inner transformation, and has now become a living God. He will demand that he be worshipped as the only God and that all other religions in the world be officially banned. All holy works, including copies of the Bible, will be destroyed.

He will also require that every person publicly commit themselves to be his follower, by having a mark on their forehead or a chip inserted into their right arm. Furthermore, nobody will be able to buy or sell goods unless they possess this mark of identification. From that time onwards democracy will be forgotten, and he will rule by divine decree.

Once all other religions are banned, the Pope and his cardinals will be in immediate danger. Faced with this existential threat they will flee from Rome. However they will be hunted down by the forces of the “Anti-Christ” until the Pope is finally captured and murdered. This will be the beginning of a campaign of terror that will continue for the next three and a half years.

Having crushed the remnants of the Christian Church, the Anti-Christ will then assemble a vast army and march on Jerusalem. When he gets there, he will arrange to be crowned as the only living God in the inner santum of the recently rebuilt Temple. Once crowned, the Anti-Christ will then direct his vengeance against the Jews. His troops will be ordered to kill every Jewish man, woman and child that can be found.

The only hope of survival for the Jews will be to escape into the desert, and try to find places of refuge in caves and subterranean tunnels. The armies of the Anti-Christ will then turn their attention to anyone who does not carry the approved mark of identification. During this bloody reign of terror untold millions of lives will be put to the sword.

In the East, however, a rival will begin to stir. At a time when all the coastal cities of China have been destroyed, increasing bands of survivors will trek inland to find places of safety up on the Mongolian highlands. It is there, in the region of the Altai Mountains, that a leader will arise who will follow in the footsteps of the legendary founder of Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan.

This man will be a ruthless warrior, and like his legendary forebear will have a rapacious lust for conquest. He will gather around him a vast army, quoted by St John as numbering “two hundred thousand thousand” (200 million). This new Genghis will lead his army in a sweep across Asia that will conquer what remains of Indo-China, followed by India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

Then, when his triumphant armies finally reach the borders of Iraq, they will find that the last natural barrier that existed between them and the lands of the Middle East will have been removed. The Euphrates river will have dried up in the global drought that followed the earth’s close encounter with the comet, leaving his forces free to storm across the sands towards Jerusalem and the Mediterranean sea.

It will be there, on the plains of Jezreel in Israel, that the mighty forces of the Anti-Christ will confront those of the Eastern invader. These two diabolical leaders will come together in one final bloody conflict to determine who will be the ultimate conqueror of the world. Yet just when it seems that the long history of humanity upon the earth is about to be extinguished in one last mighty conflagration, there will be a miraculous event.

It is at this point that the forces of Light will intervene. This will be the moment when the Great Redeemer will return to the earth in the company of his angels. He will be seen coming in the clouds with “power and great glory” to save the “elect”, who will be the remnant that will have endured in faith to the end.

As St John points out in his book of revelation, this will be followed by a day of judgement in which every person will be held to account for their actions. Those who have followed the path of selfishness, violence and evil in the course of their lives will be doomed, while those who have held steadfast to the path of righteousness and peace will inherit the crown of life that has been prepared for them.

They will live in harmony with the earth and with each other, in a new golden age that is predicted to endure for a thousand years. But the new life that awaits the chosen ones will be unlike anything that has previously occurred in the history of the world. For they will experience a new world of wonder beyond anything they could previously have imagined.

In “The Last Days of Tolemac” the Oracle explains what this new world will be like. It will be a new world of spirit, and each being will radiate the energies of the new age. The earth will be completely changed. New animals will appear that do not prey on others, but will exhibit spiritual qualities. They too will live in peace and harmony with their surroundings.

The weather on the planet will finally reflect the spirit of the times, and the raging storms, hurricanes and tornadoes of the past will be no more. Gentle rains will fall only when needed, and the earth will bring forth a bounteous harvest. The problems of the past will be solved and humanity will at last enjoy true freedom and prosperity.

The world age that is now coming to an end has been an age of bloodshed and torment lasting for thousands of years. It will end in unspeakable hardship and sorrow with yet more agony, sickness and death. But as the Oracle points out, there will be some who will not live to see these horrors. They will be among the few who will be spared this final act of darkness.

They will be the ones who will find themselves mysteriously taken out of their physical bodies on that great and terrible day of the Lord. They will find themselves transformed into new bodies of blazing light, as will be described in the final article of this series entitled “The Rapture Revealed”.

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