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The Weather Wizards – Part Six

Our universe of thought and the manifestations of weather are inextricably interlinked. Since the universe is a projection of our minds, and since our minds are composed of thoughts and feelings, it is our own thoughts and emotions that are the ultimate determinants of the atmospheric conditions of our world. Each one of us contributes […]

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The Weather Wizards – Part Five

The interaction between an enlightened being (a person who has discovered his or her true state of being) and nature is not limited to those occasions of conscious intervention, such as when a person decides to influence the weather in one way or another, as we have seen in the ability of Jesus to calm a […]

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The Weather Wizards – Part Four

The aboriginal rain dances of shamanistic societies are testimony to mankind’s ability to manipulate the elements by means of sympathetic rituals, conceived and carried out with a particular objective in mind. Through the repetition of these time-worn ways, conducted in the confident belief that their avowed objective will come to pass, these rituals achieve their […]

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The Weather Wizards – Part Three

The entire universe, including the so-called “forces of nature”, rests upon the foundation of the mind. Man is not a pawn of nature. It is nature that is subservient to man. This is the truth that Jesus revealed when he calmed the storm at Galilee. He then went on to point out to his disciples […]

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The Weather Wizards – Part Two

Some two thousand years ago a group of men entered a boat on the edge of an inland sea and set sail for the farther shore. It had been a tiring day, and as they sailed the leader of the group fell asleep. As they made their way across the lake a hot wind began […]

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The Weather Wizards – Part One

Since the purpose of this Blog is to validate the prophecies contained in the book “The Last Days of Tolemac“, some readers have asked what relevance recent posts on such subjects as The Mystery of Consciousness and The Power of Thought have to do with the subject of prophecy. The answer is that because we have misunderstood […]

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