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Precognition – literally knowing something in advance – is something that falls within the category of Psi phenomena, or extra-sensory perception. Over the years many people have had the feeling that some particular event was about to occur, such as the death of a loved one, or some type of disaster. If this knowledge comes […]

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The Test of Prophecy

When it comes to our day to day affairs, we tend to judge people who make predictions about the future by their professional qualifications, and by their track record of success. Those advisors who are highly qualified in their particular field, and who have a high degree of success, attract the most followers. This is […]

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The Lure of Prophecy

The word prophecy has been defined as a “prediction of future events”. By this definition, almost any person who claims to be able to predict the future could be called a “prophet”. However, the traditional title of prophet is usually reserved for a religious leader, or someone who claims to be able to interpret the […]

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The response so far from readers of the “The Last Days of Tolemac” has been understandably varied. While some readers have been open-minded about the prophecies themselves, others have challenged various claims mentioned in the book. We have also received enquiries from readers asking if there is any scientific evidence to back up these claims. The […]

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