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The Quest for Paititi

In the book “The Last days of Tolemac”, the Oracle referred to a lost civilization of Paititi, that was located in South America in the Amazon Basin of Brazil, and which had a level of culture that rivaled both Atlantis and Lemuria. The Oracle went on to say:        “While the lost civilizations of Atlantis […]

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Colonel Percy Fawcett

Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett was a British archeologist and explorer. He was born in 1867 in Torquay, England. He is presumed to have died in 1925 when, along with his son and a family friend, he disappeared while on an expedition to find a legendary city lost in the uncharted regions of the Mato Grosso […]

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Janos (Juan) Moricz

Juan Moricz was born in Hungary, but later moved to South America where he became an Argentine citizen. However, at the time of his meeting with von Däniken, he had been living in Ecuador for many years. He described himself as a scholar who was carrying out research into the folklore and the ethnological and […]

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Padre Carlos Crespi

Padre Carlos Crespi was born in Italy in 1891. He joined the Salesian Society, a Roman Catholic religious order, and was sent to minister to the people of Ecuador. Padre Crespi dedicated his life to the service and welfare of the people of Ecuador, both rich and poor alike. He was a man of extraordinary […]

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