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The Fallacy of Scientific Truth – Part Four

The Illusion of Science “Space is neutral”, declared the Indian Sage Nisargadatta Maharaj, “One can fill it with what one likes.”  1 Science is the enduring proof of the truth of his assertion. The entire edifice of science has been built upon the foundations of belief. Science has proved to be so successful in describing […]

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The Fallacy of Scientific Truth – Part Three

Over the period of the last four centuries scientists have been remarkably successful in reducing the mysteries of life to behaviour that is both understandable and predictable, and is derived from certain fundamental principles. These basic principles have now been formulated as scientific “laws”. And because nature has been observed to act in accordance with these […]

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The Fallacy of Scientific Truth – Part Two

The underlying purpose of all science is the search for scientific laws. In order to qualify as laws, they must not simply be theoretical ideas, often expressed in mathematical terms, but must also conform to actual experience and be supported by empirical evidence obtained by experimentation. It is quite possible for a law to be […]

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The Fallacy of Scientific Truth – Part One

As has been pointed out in earlier posts, the world that appears to exist outside of ourselves is an illusion. What seems to us to be a solid, physical and objective reality, is in fact an outward projection of images that exist subjectively in consciousness. What this means is that the universe that appears to […]

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