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The Crumbling Paradigm – Part Five

The New Scientific Messiah Thomas Kuhn has pointed out that “almost all the men who achieve these fundamental inventions of a new paradigm have been either very young or very new to the field whose paradigm they change.”  1 Isaac Newton was in his early twenties when he first expounded his revolutionary theories at Cambridge. […]

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The Crumbling Paradigm – Part Four

The Importance of Humidity Another factor that deserves close attention in any experiment involving Psi is the level of humidity – the presence or absence of water vapour in the air. It is clear from numerous instances that the level of humidity can significantly influence the results of Psi experiments. When American reporters Henry Gris […]

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The Crumbling Paradigm – Part Three

The Significance of Belief The victory of the new scientific paradigm will only be achieved when it succeeds in overcoming the old materialistic cast of thought, and moulding people’s minds into a new and consistent pattern of belief, for it is belief which lies at the heart of all empirical data. In his research into the […]

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The Crumbling Paradigm – Part Two

Probably the most famous, or notorious person, depending on your point of view, to influence matter by some agency of mind, has been the Israeli psychic Uri Geller. Although best known for his ability to bend spoons and startle defunct watches and clocks into renewed activity, Geller has nevertheless conducted a variety of experiments that have […]

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The Crumbling Paradigm – Part One

In 1898, two events occurred in the life of Carl Jung which had a profound effect upon the choice of his future career. Although relatively modest in themselves, they were nonetheless sufficiently bewildering to prompt the youthful Jung towards an investigation of the properties of the mind. When he came to record the story of […]

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