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The Peacemakers – Part Three

The paradoxical truth that has been taught through the centuries by the founders of religion and enlightened Sages, is that peace and justice are the fruits of “inaction”, not of action. The way to overcome evil is not by resisting it, but by not resisting it. We may liken evil to the roiling waters of […]

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The Peacemakers – Part Two

Whenever we force other people to do what we want, for whatever reason, violence begins. The problem is that all force generates resistance, and it is thisĀ inner resistance that ultimately manifests in the form of outward violence. It matters not what our motives are, whether noble or altruistic. The moment we choose to impose our […]

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The Peacemakers – Part One

When Jesus gave his famous Sermon on the Mount, he began with what have come to be known as the “Beatitudes”, which were eight categories of people who were considered to be especially “blessed”. They included the “meek”, the “merciful”, the “poor in spirit” and the “pure in heart”. In addition, Jesus referred to another […]

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The Challenge of Christianity

It should be clear from the events described in earlier instalments that our world is moving remorselessly towards an apocalyptic climax that has long been predicted by the prophets of old, and that we are the generation that will experience these cataclysmic events. According to societies like the Maya and the Hopi, our present world […]

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