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The Power of Thought – Part Three

Thought is the creative force of the universe. In fact the universe is nothing more than energy (Prana) manifesting as form shaped by the underlying power of thought. The ancient Rishis, along with the modern Masters, have all demonstrated the creative power of thought through various “miraculous” feats. Of course these feats were not miraculous at all, […]

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The Power of Thought – Part Two

Our ability to get what we want in life depends on our ability to frame our thoughts clearly, so that our personal energy can be focused on the achievement of these desires. If we do not focus our minds clearly on our objectives they remain hazy and ill-defined. These thoughts therefore cannot manifest effectively in the physical […]

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The Power of Thought – Part One

According to the Biblical book of John, Jesus responded to the Jews by saying:”And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free“. (John 8:32) Although this is one of the most widely quoted passages in the Bible, it is likely that only a handful of people alive today understand the full meaning of […]

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