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Jesus the Rishi Master

At the age of thirty, the Bible records that Jesus travelled from Galilee to the river Jordan where he was baptized by John the Baptist. According to St Matthew, as Jesus emerged from the river, the heavens opened and a voice cried out saying: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased“. […]

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The Powers of the Rishis

What Dandamis explained to Alexander the Great in life, and Kalyana showed him in death, is that those who reach the highest level of consciousness in life – the state of Pure Awareness – lose their fear of physical death. They are no longer subject to the physical limitations of the body that govern those who spend their […]

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Alexander and the Yogi

Having been scorned by the elderly sage Dandamis, Alexander the Great might have been expected to wreak vengeance upon him, just as he had done to so many others who had resisted him in the past. Yet, such was his thirst for the knowledge that Dandamis claimed to possess, that Alexander invited learned Brahmin ascetics […]

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Masters of the Light

Many thousands of years ago, long before the stirrings of civilization began in the West, an advanced spiritual culture already existed on the subcontinent of India. This culture was centred around the achievements of supremely gifted men and women who became known as “Rishis”. These “Rishis” (or “Rishikas” as female rishis were known) were the original “Masters […]

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