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The Lost Years of Jesus (Part Three)

In 1894, fourteen years before the American preacher Levi Dowling published his account of “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ“, a Russian doctor and former Cossack officer by the name of Nicolas Notovitch startled the world with a publication of his own. It was called¬†“The Unknown Life of Christ”. Notovitch had travelled extensively throughout […]

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The Lost Years of Jesus (Part Two)

In 1908, a book was published which claimed to reveal the truth about the lost years of Jesus, and how he spent the eighteen years leading up to his baptism by John in the river Jordan, which began the¬†ministry that is described in the four gospels of the Bible. The book was called “The Aquarian […]

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The Lost Years of Jesus (Part One)

Among the authors of the four gospels of the Bible, neither St Mark or St John make any reference to the life led by Jesus before he began his ministry. St Matthew limits his account to the birth of Jesus, and the subsequent flight by Joseph and Mary to Egypt in order to escape the […]

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