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Future Earth Changes

The maps that have been created by Gordon Michael Scallion show a world that has been transformed by inundations of the sea. Existing portions of the land have sunk beneath the sea, while new land masses have arisen in other places. One of the most interesting changes in the world map is that new lands […]

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Dreams and Visions

Then in August 1991 Gordon Michael Scallion (GMS) began to have nightmares. These nightmares were about the earth, which seemed to him to be a sentient being. Whereas before he had been able to look into people and see what was wrong with their physical, mental or spiritual bodies, now he seemed to be able to […]

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Gordon Michael Scallion

Gordon Michael Scallion (or GMS as he prefers to be called), was a man who was leading a very happy life aboard a thirty-foot sailboat and making, in his words, “incredible sums of money”. Then, in 1979, something happened which completely changed his life. One afternoon, while he was in the middle of a conversation, […]

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Future Flooding of the Earth

Among the many questions raised by readers of “The Last Days of Tolemac”, the most provocative are those that relate to future inundations. According to the Oracle of Tolemac, when the time of “tribulation” begins, there will be cataclysmic changes to the earth. Some countries will disappear completely beneath the waves, while in other places […]

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