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Creatures of the Mind – Part Five

The idea that physical objects, and even enigmatic creatures like lake monsters and hairy anthropoids could be created by human thought seems to defy all rational analysis. However, the mystics of old insisted that this was actually possible, and they demonstrated the truth of their words by their actions. Many instances of this are recorded […]

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Creatures of the Mind – Part Four

Thomas Bearden believes that manifestations of bigfoot and other crypto-zoological phenomena are, in fact, materialisations within our physical world of thoughts which reside within the collective unconscious of humanity. These thoughts are able to materialise themselves temporarily into physical form whenever they are sufficiently energised – a process Bearden calls “kindling”. “We will discover”, he […]

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Creatures of the Mind – Part Three

As reports of sightings of various anomalous creatures continued to accumulate from around the world, it began to dawn on seasoned veterans of bigfoot investigations, that their quarry might not be “normal” primates after all. These creatures seemed to be able to appear mysteriously in various places, often in quite inappropriate terrain, and then disappear […]

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Creatures of the Mind – Part Two

Paul Freeman was a United States Forest Service Patrolman assigned to the Umatilla National Forest in the Walla Walla area of Washington State. On the morning of June 10,1982, Freeman, then aged 39, was driving alone through the forest. Spotting some elk on a nearby ridge, he stopped his truck and got out to see […]

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Creatures of the Mind – Part One

In August 1975, I joined over ten thousand pilgrims, drawn from all parts of the Indian sub-continent, on the annual pilgrimage to the holy cave of Amarnath. This cave is situated at a height of 12,730 feet (3880 metres) in the western Himalayas of Kashmir, and lies at the head of a narrow valley, scoured […]

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