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What is “Wormwood” in the Book of Revelation?

While living in exile on the Greek island of Patmos, the disciple John had a series of revelatory visions about a future time when Jesus would return in triumph to the earth. In his book of Revelation he described in dramatic fashion a sequence of events that would unfold at that time. This book has […]

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The Lost Years of Jesus

Among the authors of the four gospels of the Bible, neither St Mark or St John make any reference to the life led by Jesus before he began his ministry. St Matthew limits his account to the birth of Jesus, and the subsequent flight by Joseph and Mary to Egypt in order to escape the […]

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Rebuilding the Temple of Solomon

According to the Oracle of Tolemac, in the days leading up to the return of the Christ, the Jews will rebuild the Temple of Solomon on its original site on Mount Moriah. This new Temple will once again become the central focus of Jewish worship, and the place where their ancient practice of animal sacrifices […]

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