An Inconvenient Truth – Part Three

Notice to Readers 

The following post contains videos of whistleblowers who reveal classified information. While watching these videos my computer was subjected to a massive hack attack.

Those who watch these videos should proceed with caution. For those who prefer not to take the risk, a short summary of each of these videos is provided in the text.

A Presidential Warning

In January 1961, three days before the end of his term in office, President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his farewell address to the nation. In it he included the following words:

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist”.

As he was the first person to use the phrase “military-industrial complex” in a public speech, few people had any idea what he was talking about, especially when he warned that “the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power” not only existed, but would continue to be a threat.

But even if they did, they could probably never have imagined how this military-industrial complex would one day come to dominate every aspect of American society. Sadly, Eisenhower’s warning has fallen on deaf ears, for the very disaster that he warned the nation about has now come to pass.

A Strange Phenomenon

Some twenty years ago, a few observant citizens around the United States began to notice an unusual phenomenon. They noticed that as planes flew overhead, some of them left cloudy trails behind them, while others did not. And some of these cloudy trails often hung around for hours.

Condensation Trails ?

Curious as to what the source of this phenomenon might happen to be, they approached the authorities. They were assured that this was nothing to worry about, because they were simply condensation trails which persisted in the sky as a result of fortuitous atmospheric weather conditions.

In fact these condensations trails, or contrails as they are usually called, are formed whenever water vapour condenses and freezes around small particles that are emitted from aircraft engine exhaust. They typically form when planes fly at high altitudes in sub-freezing temperatures.

According to Wikipedia, “depending on the temperature and humidity at the altitude these contrails form, they may be visible for only a few seconds or minutes, or may persist for hours and spread to be several miles wide, eventually resembling natural cirrus or altocumulous clouds”. 

And according to the authorities, the reason why these contrails seemed to be seen more often was easy to explain. More contrails were being seen, they said, because more planes were flying in the sky. And this continues to be the explanation that is offered to the public to this day.

My Personal Odyssey

I first began to notice these vapour trails in the sky about twenty years ago while I was taking my customary walks along the beach. Ever since I was young I have been in the habit of watching planes as they travelled across the sky. But there was something about these trails that was distinctly odd.

I was well aware of the existence of condensation trails forming behind aircraft travelling at high altitudes. But this is not a common feature in Vancouver where I live, because most planes operating around the airport fly at lower altitudes, as they are either taking off or landing.

But some of the planes left trails that did not dissipate after a few minutes as they normally would if they were simple condensation trails. Instead, they began to change shape almost immediately after they were formed, and then later spread out until they covered the sky.

Each individual trail would begin to break up into a sequence of separate tendrils, rather like the teeth of a comb. These tendrils would then steadily grow into separate patches of white cloud. It was these patches that would then expand until they filled the sky with a thin film of cloud.

I soon noticed that whenever one of these planes flew overhead leaving their distinctive trails behind them, that the sky would soon become overcast, filled with a thin veil of white cloud in a Cirrus type formation. But that in itself was not the most mysterious part of this phenomenon.

As I watched the planes that were laying down these trails, I saw that they would fly backwards and forwards along the same flight path. This made it obvious that they were not normal passenger planes, as FAA regulations forbid them from changing their prescribed routes in this way.

But what was even stranger was the fact that these planes had the ability to turn their exhaust trails on and off. So what would happen would be that a plane would lay down a certain length of trail, and then turn around and leave a similar trail parallel to it on the return journey.

It was clear to me that these parallel trails were being laid down in a precise pattern designed to take advantage of the offshore winds, so that these cloud formations would then blow inland and cover the whole of what is known as the “Lower Mainland” area of Vancouver.

I noticed that on summer days whenever the sky was clear, these planes would start spraying their mysterious trails as early as eight o’clock in the morning, and would then continue throughout the day until well past eight o’clock in the evening.

I also became aware of another odd phenomenon, this time associated with human behaviour. Whenever I pointed out these trails to strangers and asked them what they thought they were, they expressed no interest in them. They merely shrugged and carried on walking.

Meeting with the Media

After pestering my friends with questions about these trails which they could not answer, one of them suggested that I contact the Press about them. I did so, and made arrangements to meet with the Managing Editor of Vancouver’s largest newspaper at a local hotel.

At our meeting I explained what I had seen, and supported this with numerous documents and photographs. I pointed out that these trails hardly needed any documentation, because anyone could see them for themselves merely by going outside and looking up at the sky.

To my dismay, the Managing Editor responded by saying: “I do not believe in conspiracies”, and abruptly terminated our meeting. I subsequently learned that I was not alone, and that this was the standard response given by all authorities when confronted with questions about this subject.

To me this defied all logical reasoning. Here was a phenomenon that was clearly visible to anyone who cared to look. Yet even though local authorities must have been aware that something unusual was happening in Canadian skies, no one was prepared to talk about it.

It was as if the veil of cloud that filled the skies above Vancouver was being matched by a similar veil of secrecy by those responsible for protecting the environment. Even local weather forecasters ignored the presence of these clouds, dismissing them as normal features of the weather.

Digging Deeper

As I began to delve into this subject further, I discovered that one of the first people to undertake a serious investigation into these unusual trails was a fellow Canadian who lived not far from Vancouver. He was the award-winning environmental journalist William Thomas.

William Thomas

In January 1999, Thomas was asked by the Environment News Service to investigate these mysterious trails that were appearing in the sky. He did so, and subsequently issued a report entitled “Mystery Contrails may be Modifying Weather”.

This report gained immediate prominence, especially after he appeared as a guest on the popular late-night radio talk show hosted by Art Bell. Listeners from all over the United States called in to corroborate his findings, and he soon attracted a large following.

Thomas was also the first person to refer to these trails as “Chemical Trails”, later shortened to “Chemtrails”. He then went on to publish two books on the subject. The first was entitled Probing the Chemtrails Conundrum, which was followed by Chemtrails Confirmed.

Despite the success of both of these publications and the popularity of the subject with the general public, the reaction of the authorities was always the same. They dismissed his research as baseless, while his ideas of weather modification were greeted with ridicule and scorn.

To this day the word “chemtrails” has become inextricably linked with conspiracy, and anyone who tries to discuss this subject seriously in an open forum is treated as being of unsound mind. If anyone doubts this, I suggest they try raising this subject at their next dinner party!

Anyway, I was undeterred by this public opprobrium. In fact I have learned over the years that if you want to find out the truth about anything in life, it is a good idea to focus first on anything that is rejected by the authorities. And the more strident the criticism, the more likely it is to bear fruit.

I wanted to know what these trails were made of. I found out that over the years many people had taken samples of soil and water from heavily sprayed areas and sent them to reputable laboratories for analysis. The results of these tests have revealed some highly disturbing results.

Independent testing has confirmed that chemtrails contain a dangerous and extremely poisonous mix of chemicals that includes: barium, nano-aluminum-coated fibreglass (known as CHAFF), radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, ethylene dibromide and polymer fibres.

It is hardly surprising therefore that concerned citizens throughout the United States have come together to voice their outrage at what they see as a threat to their health and to the environment. A recent meeting in Shasta County in California is a case in point, as shown below. (Note: This video is safe to watch)

Once it became obvious that a cocktail of dangerous chemicals was being systematically sprayed all over the country on a regular basis, concerned citizens began asking the obvious question: Who is doing this and why? The trouble was that those who should have had an answer, had no answer.

When approached, the authorities simply dismissed the whole topic of chemtrails as a conspiracy hoax that had been foisted upon a gullible public. The situation has been neatly summarised by Richard Leviton in his book Welcome to Your Designer Planet!  In it he writes:

“We see these anomalous jet vapor trails increasingly overhead with no explanation. Hardly any media attention is given to them, yet often 50-75 trails are laid across the sky in an area in a single day, and this goes on, reportedly, all around the world, and it has been increasing since about the year 2000”.

“It is surprising how many otherwise intelligent people are hoodwinked into assuming the bizarre expanding chemtrails are normal jet exhaust from heavy air traffic. They are dispensed by jets clearly flying much higher than commercial traffic, presumably at 40,000+ feet, probably higher”.

Leviton writes about the standard response given by the authorities when asked about this phenomenon. “To start with, the U.S. Air Force refuses to discuss chemtrails as they brand this notion a hoax and they do not discuss hoaxes”.

And this is where the warning given by President Eisenhower in his farewell address, quoted earlier, assumes a grim reality, not just for the United States but for the whole of humanity. For as Richard goes on to point out:

“When you look up at what used to be a clear blue sky and see obnoxious criss-crosses of white feathery artificial substances and numerous parallel tracks of straight white lines, you know that not only is something being done to you but it’s done with contempt and a kind of black magic-flavored glee”.

We are reminded again of Eisenhower’s words when he warned: “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist”. The threat which this poses for humanity has been exposed by Leviton when he writes:

They’re not even bothering to veil their activities or hide behind facades and lies. They’re doing it and they refuse to discuss it; our public reaction is utterly irrelevant to them”.

When Eisenhower warned the country about this threat of “misplaced power”, he called it the Military-Industrial Complex. And that is exactly what it is. It is a combination of military power and industrial might that is shrouded in secrecy beyond the reach of any governmental agency.

It is worth noting here that when Edward Snowden revealed his trove of classified information about how the Central Intelligence Agency was spying on Americans, he was not an employee of the CIA. He actually worked for one of its contractors by the name of Booz Allen Hamilton.

So classified programmes conducted by the military frequently use private contractors, where all employees are bound by the highest levels of secrecy. But despite this tight control, whistle-blowers like Snowden do occasionally slip between the cracks. Another of these is Kristen Meghan.

So here we have the testimony of a person who worked for the U.S. Air Force for nine years as a specialist in Bio-engineering, whose job it was to review the use of all chemicals to ensure that they posed no threat to people or the environment, and that they met EPA standards.

And when she discovered orders for large quantities of hazardous chemicals, and then found that samples of air, soil and water taken from surrounding areas in Oklahoma, Georgia and Chicago showed unusually high levels of these same chemicals, she was “demonised” by fellow staff.

And when she persisted in raising questions about the use and purpose of these chemicals, she was told that she would be locked up in a mental institution and that her daughter would be taken away from her. It would be easy to dismiss her testimony if she was alone in what she said.

But she is not.

Disturbing stories continue to emerge from sources within the U.S. Air Force which corroborate her claims. Kristen said that pilots involved in spraying these chemicals were too scared to come forward and tell the world what they know. The following video would seem to bear this out.

It is clear from the third-hand information provided in the video above, that the U.S. Air Force pilot quoted here has gone to great lengths to ensure that his testimony could not be traced back to him, and that he felt that his career and possibly even his life would be in peril if it was.

He claims that he was employed as an aerosol (chemtrail) dispersal pilot engaged in a global geo-engineering programme operating under a classified top-secret code-name. It was his job, he said, to fly designated patterns within a 250 mile zone that alternated between day and night flights.

He said that pilots were rotated constantly, and seldom stayed in one place for more than 18 months. This was done to prevent “loose lips” and to preserve strict security. He said he was warned that harsh disciplinary action would be taken against him if he ever talked about what he did.

He said that pilots were told that the reason for the aerosol dispersal programme was to create an atmospheric shield designed to protect the United States from fearsome aerial weapons that could be used by hostile nations, although he said he thought that this was just a cover story.

He then referred to something that goes to the very heart of the strategy that was devised many years ago by the Military-Industrial Complex. It is the strategy of “compartmentalisation”. Over the years this has proved to be highly successful in preventing leaks in classified operations.

Under this strategy, all secret military projects operate on a “need to know” basis. What this means is that people who are assigned to a particular area or department are never told what other departments are doing. So only the most senior people are permitted to know what is really going on.

So a person working within a particular aspect of a secret project is forbidden to talk about what they do with anyone else, and they are never told what others involved in that project are doing. And anyone who breaks that rule of secrecy quickly attracts the attention of military security.

And as the following video indicates, anyone who tries to reveal classified information to the press or to the general public invites retribution by any or all of the forces available to the Federal government. And for those whose breach of security is deemed extreme, the penalty is death.

The compelling saga described in the video above should shock any American who still believes that they live in a free country ruled by the Articles of the Constitution, and governed by elected officials who carry out their duties within the constraints set out in that Constitution.

For in this video Kevin Shipp relates his experiences while working for the Central Intelligence Agency as an Anti-terrorism Specialist. When he joined the CIA he was required to sign an oath that he would protect the country from any and all threats, both foreign and domestic.

He then goes on to describe his dismay at finding out that people within the Agency were doing illegal and unconstitutional things. But as he points out, most people who work at the Agency simply turn a blind eye to these things, knowing that their careers are at stake if they try to protest.

He goes on to claim that a secret government exists that is operating outside of the constraints of the Constitution that is beyond the reach of the U.S. Congress. He calls this secret government the Shadow Government, the Hidden Government or by the popular term of “Deep State”.

He believes that America is currently being ruled by subversion, force and fear, and that covert (secret) programmes exist in almost all of the government agencies, including the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

As he explains, these agencies require all of those people engaged in classified black budget projects to sign binding secrecy agreements (non-disclosure agreements) as a condition of employment, and that it is these agreements which serve as the ultimate tool in maintaining secrecy.

People who sign these agreements actually sign away their rights under the American Constitution, and those who challenge these agreements can be terminated and put into prison. They can also be denied their pension benefits, and have interest rates on loans raised to penal levels.

Shipp also revealed a little known fact about the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, which was designed to protect those who disclosed information from retaliatory Government action, and that is those who have signed non-disclosure agreements are specifically excluded from the Act.

Shipp also had some deeply disturbing things to say on the subject of chemtrails. He said that the Secret Government had been spraying the skies above North America since 1997 with a cocktail of toxic substances, and that this was routinely denied by military and government officials.

He pointed out that by cooperating in secret with jet fuel manufacturers, the government had kept the knowledge about this aerosol dispersal programme completely under wraps for over twenty years, and had ignored the threat that it poses to the public and to the environment.

It was the actually the presence of these chemicals that poisoned his family and caused him to leave the Agency. The story of his personal struggle to reveal the truth of what was really going on in the CIA was finally published under the title From the Company of Shadows.

The Great Enigma

So here we have an enigma with profound implications for the future of humanity.

On the one hand we have the Paris Accord, where 195 countries have accepted the scientific verdict that global warming is the result of human beings burning fossil fuels, and have committed themselves to a campaign of reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

And on the other hand we have a global programme conducted by the military that has been going on for more than twenty years, of aircraft spraying toxic chemicals in the atmosphere and thereby increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

How can we possibly explain these two diametrically opposing campaigns?

One possible answer presents itself. And that is that the true cause of global warming is not the result of what human beings are doing on the planet, but is rather the result of what is happening to the entire solar system as it travels through space.

In the book The Last Days of Tolemac, when asked about the causes of climate change upon the earth, the Oracle replied:

“The most significant change that has taken place in the weather of your planet has been the phenomenon called global warming. While this phenomenon is real, its true causes are little understood by your scientists. Most of them are convinced that this is a phenomenon that is limited to the earth, and that because of this human behaviour must be to blame. 

“These scientists believe that global warming can be reversed if only humanity can be persuaded to reduce their use of such things as fossil fuels before it is too late. While anything that your scientists can do to improve the atmosphere on earth is desirable, it is already too late to reverse these changes.  

“That is because the problem of global warming does not have its origin on the earth. It will be clear to those scientists who care to look, that the heating of the earth is the localized effect of an increase in energy that is affecting the entire solar system.

“Not only are higher temperatures being recorded on the earth, but on other planets as well. Even the sun itself is undergoing a profound change.

“The reason why the sun and the planets are undergoing these changes together, is because the area of space through which the entire solar system is now travelling has much higher levels of cosmic radiation than was the case during the Piscean age”.  

As we will see in the next instalment, there is evidence that the Military-Industrial Complex certainly believes this to be the case, and that the true purpose of their global aerosol dispersal programme is to shield the earth from the increased cosmic radiation impacting the earth from space.

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