An Inconvenient Truth – Part Five

In the previous instalment, I described the occasion when New York area journalist Marjorie Tietjen, who had been researching the subject of chemtrails, received a letter from an anonymous source that began with the words: “I know what chemtrails are and their purpose”.

The writer said that although greenhouse gases generated by burning fossil fuels did indeed contribute to global warming, this was miniscule compared to the real threat confronting humanity, which was the higher amount of cosmic radiation coming from outer space. He (or she) went on to say:

“We don’t know exactly the cause of the phenomenon we are fighting. We don’t know how long it will last or the peak of its intensity. We only know that the Earth, as well as all the other planets and our sun, has become enveloped in an unknown energy field that threatens all stability across the solar system and our very lives”.

In the course of this letter, the writer emphasized the following points:

• Signs that something was seriously wrong only began to be realized in the late 1960s
• These signs included insect and animal migrations, as well as biological mutations
• Climate change is not just affecting the earth. It is affecting the entire solar system
• All the planets are experiencing change, from Mercury all the way out to Pluto
• The chemical composition of the atmosphere of Venus has changed, and that change is accelerating
• Radiation emitted from the gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) has intensified
• Chemtrails first appeared in the sky around 1997, although tests had been carried out earlier
• This massive atmospheric aerosol spraying programme began in the United States, but now is world-wide
• Crews that do this spraying fly out of air force bases around the globe using re-fitted Lockheed and Boeing jets
• Chemtrails consist primarily of ionized barium and aluminum oxide particles, as well as carbon black
• Their purpose is to create a thermal, anti-radiation barrier beneath the earth’s troposphere
• This barrier is designed to reflect the damaging incoming radiation back out into space
• Although the aerosol being sprayed will make many people sick, the trade off is the long term survival of humanity
• The pilots who fly these aerosol spraying missions should really be considered heroes, for our continued livelihood is at risk

The scenario described by the writer in this letter sounds like it could have been lifted straight out of a science fiction novel. So the question we have to ask ourselves is: how much of this, if anything, is true?  Of course, if you were to ask any conventional climatologist, the answer would be “NIL”.

But for those who care to look behind the curtain of conventional climate thinking, the answer would be very different, In fact there is increasing evidence to suggest that ALL of the points mentioned in the above letter may turn out to be true.

Most people who live on earth know that the earth spins on its axis, and that it takes 24 hours to do so. That means that it is spinning at a rate of about 1,000 miles an hour (1,600 kms per hour). But the earth also moves around the sun, and it takes a year to complete a single circuit.

But although all the planets rotate around the sun, the sun itself is not stationary. It doesn’t simply stay in one place all the time. The sun is also moving. In fact the entire solar system orbits around the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, which of course is also in motion.

Scientists have calculated that the solar system is travelling at a rate of about 828,000 kms per hour (roughly 515,000 miles per hour). Even at that speed it takes about 230 million years for the solar system  to complete a circuit around the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.

So what that means is that humanity has only lived on this planet for a tiny fraction of one orbit around the centre of the galaxy, and that every day brings the solar system in contact with a new area of space. And what whistleblowers are telling us is that it is this new area of space that is harming us.

We already know that drastic changes are happening on the earth. So if what these whistleblowers are telling us is true, we should find changes happening on other planets in the solar system, as well as to the sun itself. And there are certainly indications that this is so.

Media Coverage

Back in 2007 the National Geographic News carried an article titled Mars Melt Hinted at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says. The report indicated that data from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey missions revealed that “ice caps” on Mars had been shrinking.

The scientist concerned was Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg’s Astronomical Observatory in Russia. He claimed that this data from Mars was evidence that global warming on Earth was being caused by changes in the sun.

Abdussamatov claimed that it was the long-term increase in solar irradiance that was the cause of heating on both the Earth and Mars. Not surprisingly, his claim went over with conventional climatologists like a lead balloon.

Colin Wilson, a planetary physicist at Oxford University said “His views are completely at odds with the mainstream scientific opinion”, while Arthur Evan, a climate scientist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, added: “The idea just isn’t supported by the theory or observations”.

More recently (December 2015), Space.news carried an article under the headline Entire solar system is heating up! Scientists blame solar warming. The article carried information that is sufficiently illuminating that it is worth reproducing here.

“Nothing is stable, including the solar system. New evidence suggests the solar system is moving into a new energy zone which is altering the magnetic fields of the planets.

“There is reason to believe Earth is not the only planet in the solar system undergoing climate change, meaning CO2 emissions are not the primary force responsible for the rise in global temperatures.

“Growth of the dark spots in Pluto, reports of auroras on Saturn, polar shifts in Uranus and changes in light intensity of Neptune suggests something very strange is happening in the solar system.

“Many scientists suspect that the solar system has migrated to a region of the galaxy with high energy. We have the illusion that the sun is a nebulous ball of gas fixated in the sky that the rest of the solar system dances around.

“In reality, the sun is one star among many sitting on the outskirts of the Milky Way, hurtling through space. Although the total amount of energy within the universe is conserved, pockets of energy in the Milky Way vary in intensity. The solar system may have rolled into one of these highly active regions.

Sun’s magnetic field increases in strength

“The warming of the entire solar system has been supported by some scientists. One dramatic shift that is taking place is the strength of the sun’s electromagnetic field.

“According to a study by Dr. Michael Lockwood at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in England, the sun’s magnetic field has increased by 230 percent within the last 100 years. The energetic changes in the sun radiate outward though solar wind, thereby increasing the charge of interstellar space.

Another piece of evidence in favor of solar change is the sudden rise in galactic star dust. Ulysses, a space probe, has been monitoring the amount of star dust flowing through the solar system since 1992. The sun’s magnetic field impacts how much star dust drifts through the solar system. The magnetic field attracts more star dust as it strengthens.

The warming of Pluto

“Another affirmation of solar change comes from Pluto. Pluto resides on the icy outskirts of the solar system near a giant shell of astronomical bodies know as the Oort Cloud. Although Pluto resides in the coolest regions of the solar system, the dwarf planet is heating up.

“Specifically, Pluto’s atmospheric pressure has increased by 300 percent, which is more than any other planet in the solar system. Even more paradoxical, Pluto’s atmosphere is becoming denser as it travels farther away from the sun.

“Due to this, scientists suspect Pluto is at the forefront of a high energy region of the galaxy that the solar system is beginning to reside in.

“There is no doubt that human activity is impacting climate change. Nevertheless, there are other forces outside the solar system that are affecting climate inside the solar system. Whatever the case may be, Earth can expect a rough ride as it travels through foreign warm waters.

Once again, conventional climatologists have rejected these findings with the scorn they feel these conspiratorial theories deserve. There is, however, one fact which none of these climatologists can deny. And that is the presence of silky strands of chemtrails in the sky.

And this is where the claims of the anonymous source quoted earlier gain credence. For he, or she, is not alone in their testimony. Another whistleblower to come forward was a scientist (referred to as “Deep Shield”) living in the Berkeley/Emeryville/Oakland area of California.

Much of what he revealed matches what was included in the mysterious letter sent to Marjorie Tietjen that was quoted in a previous instalment. Again I have chosen to let him speak about issues that are relevant to this subject in his own words.

The Testimony of Deep Shield

“Most of the elements used in the spray are heavier than air, even in their powdered form they are heavier and will sink quickly. Mixing them with the polymers suspends the particles in the atmosphere high above the surface for longer periods of time, therefore in theory we do not need to spray as often or as much material.

“Since the suspended particles eventually do settle into the lowest part of the atmosphere and are inhaled by all life forms on the surface there is an attempt to counter the growth of mold by adding to the mixture mold growth suppressants – some of which may be of biological material.

“Though it would appear that the dispersal rate of the spray is fast, it is actually takes much longer to be an effective shield. There is a desired concentration being sought. One that is thick enough to stem the UV and the Infrared, while being thin enough to allow visible light through.

“A perpetual cloud cover would have disastrous effects on plant life; the food chain thus disrupted would soon collapse. The desired effect wanted is a thin cover that would theoretically create a daytime haze that allows plenty of sunlight while providing protection from UV radiation and also reflect enough infrared to maintain nominal temperatures.

“To insure that the chemicals are not tampered with, they are mixed and sprayed over random nations. This means that chemicals produced in the USA has a good chance of being sprayed over Russia, England and the USA.

“This random spray of material means that no nation would be certain that their chemicals will be sprayed over a nation which they have issues with. Russian planes may be seen in USA skies, but so too will USA planes be seen in Russian skies.

“The canisters used are sealed in a third nation that has no idea where its canister is going. Participating nations have their observers at every station where canister loading is done. All of this to insure that the shield is not used as a weapon.

“To further insure that the shield is not used as a weapon, non participant nations are sprayed by participants who must spray in order to get enough material to maintain their nations shield. It is understood that not spraying is as much a military offense as shooting at them.

“Due to the severity of the situation it is mandatory to maintain public calm for as long as possible. The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction – without the Shield mankind will die off with in 20 to 50 years.

“Most people alive today could live to see this extinction take place. This means that an announcement of the situation we face boils down to telling every man, woman and child on earth that they have no future, they are going to be killed.

“People would panic. There would be economic collapse, the production and movement of goods would collapse. Millions would die in all cities on earth, riots and violence would reduce civilian centers to rubble within days.

“Half of the population in dense metropolitan areas would try to leave the cities seeking ‘safety’ in the rural areas thinking that they would be safe.

“Those left behind in the cities would be at war with their neighbors, fighting for the remaining supplies. We would be telling the world that the world is coming to an end, and even with the Shield the chances of survival are small.

“Look at the kinds of material being used, aluminum, barium, titanium, etc. Most are highly reflective; in some instances the material is an absorber of gasses.

“In the case of reflection the desire is to reflect X amount of heat and X amount of UV while still maintaining acceptable (nominal) levels of UV and heat reaching the planet’s surface.

“Life requires a certain amount of both UV and Heat – too much will kill – so will too little. The apparent amount looks like a lot more than what is actually being sprayed per volume of air it is covering.

“Most of the whitening of the sky is not the material per se, but the collection of water vapor, which forms into suspended ice crystals. The introduction of the material causes the water vapor to collect like rain collects on individual particles of dust. (View Source)

This testimony of “Deep Shield” validates the information given to Marjorie Tietjen, and makes it clear that the underlying purpose of the global aerosol dispersal programme is to protect the earth from cosmic radiation that is impacting the earth from outside of the solar system.

Ultra-violet radiation

And the greatest threat to the survival of humanity at this time is the amount of dangerous ultra-violet radiation that is being emitted by the sun. While much of this radiation is necessary for life on earth to exist, some of it is not. In fact some of it is positively lethal.

Ultra-violet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than visible light, but longer than X-rays. This means that UV rays are normally invisible to humans. UV radiation is further broken down into three categories: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.

The sun emits ultra-violet radiation at all wavelengths. Under normal circumstances, half of the solar radiation at the top of the earth’s atmosphere consists of infrared light, which we feel in the form of heat. Of the remainder, 40% is visible light and 10% ultra-violet light.

While much of this ultra-violet light is blocked by the atmosphere before it reaches the earth’s surface, some of it is not. And it is this that can cause problems for human, animal and plant life. UV-B radiation can cause damage to the DNA, while UV-C is the most dangerous form of UV.

And although the authorities vigorously deny this, and will go to extraordinary lengths to hide this knowledge from the general public, it is evident that the amount of harmful ultra-violet radiation now reaching the earth is actually killing off plants, fishes, birds and other species.

One of the foremost investigators of the escalation of ultra-violet radiation around the planet is Dane Wigington. Dane has a background in solar energy, having been an employee of the Bechtel Power Corporation, and now lives in Bella Vista, California. Here is a recent video on the subject.

Video – Dangerous UV levels 

It is worth noting here that Dane Wigington believes that human beings are to blame for the high levels of UV radiation. He is clearly unaware that this is a problem affecting the entire solar system, and that chemtrails are therefore a response to, rather than the cause of, the UV problem.

Another person who has devoted his time to alerting Americans to the alarming rise in ultra-violet radiation, and the threat that this poses to life on this planet, is Michael Bradbury in Arizona, who uses the alias MrMBB333.  Here are a few of the videos he has posted recently on this subject on YouTube.

Video –  Colour Thief 

Video – Sunlight Strength

Video – UV White Out

Farmers, gardeners and others who spend much of their time outdoors are also reporting alarming developments in the natural world, and the damage that extreme UV radiation has been causing trees, plants, insects and birds, as can be seen from the following videos.

Video – Damage to trees 
Video – Damage to plants 
Video – Where are the flies? 

As these videos show, evidence of damage caused by dangerous UV-B and UV-C ultra-violet radiation can be seen almost anywhere one cares to look. Other examples of this are the red stop signs that have been bleached white in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas and Alabama.

Furthermore, people report that the sun’s rays feel so much hotter than before, and that it takes far less time to get  sunburned. Not only that, but the sun doesn’t even look the same. Instead of the old ball of yellow light, the sun now looks white hot – much like a welder’s arc lamp.

It is obvious that the entire cycle of life on the earth is being threatened, beginning with insects and plants. But how long will it be before we ourselves are affected? This is not a threat that looms in the distant future. It is happening now – at this very moment. We are reminded again of the words of the whistleblower.

“Terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, the potential threats of Iran and North Korea, nuclear conflagration — all pale when compared to the dire threat our world is facing right now. That’s right. Now. This instant — not some misty time in the far off future”.


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