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The Day of the Lord – Part Four

In the eighth chapter of his book of Revelation, St. John wrote about a dramatic vision which occurred to him while he was in exile on the island of Patmos. In this vision he saw a series of events that would occur on the earth shortly before the return of the Christ. He ascribed these […]

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The Day of the Lord – Part Three

As explained in Part One, the early history of the Jews as revealed in the Old Testament of the Bible, was characterised by a succession of devout men imbued with the spirit of God who came to be known as prophets. They were called prophets because they predicted future events. But the events they predicted […]

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The Day of the Lord – Part Two

While St. John was in exile on the Greek island of Patmos, he had a series of visions which he described in his book of Revelation. These visions portrayed events which were predicted to occur during the end times leading up to the return of Jesus. As John wrote: (show picture with quotation) “And the […]

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