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Shades of the Prison – Part Three

All that we know about our world is that, from our earliest recollection, we have become aware of a universe of which we are the centre. Everything that happens in our world involves us in some fundamental way, through our awareness of it. Since we assume our own identity and reality, we confer equal status […]

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Shades of the Prison – Part Two

We who have become fully-fledged members of our society, imagine that the world to which we have become accustomed, is not only real and substantive, but is the only world that exists. We fail to see that in our process of acquiring the culture of our society, we have voluntarily surrendered rich possibilities of experience […]

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Shades of the Prison – Part One

As was explained in the previous instalment (Our Magical World), the world that we see around us is completely different from what we have imagined, as well as what we have been taught. And the reason is this. We are not born into this world….. It is the world that is born in us. What […]

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