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Why America is Not Mentioned in “End Time” Prophecy

In a Poll conducted toward the end of last year by the Barna Group, a research firm that focuses on matters of religious faith, it was reported that 41% of Americans over the age of 18 believe that the world is currently living in the “End Times” period, as prophesied in the Bible. Yet the […]

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The Hallowe’en Story

In 1983, shortly after arriving in Vancouver, I was invited to a Hallowe’en party. Having spent all of my growing years in South Africa, this was a tradition that was new to me. I was not exactly sure what this would entail, or what I should wear for the occasion. Since it was going to […]

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The Danger that Lurks Beneath the Sea

The surface of the earth is a bit like a cracked egg. The Lithosphere, which forms the crust and upper mantle of the earth, is broken up into various sized pieces called Tectonic Plates. There are considered to be eight major plates around the earth, and many more minor ones. Each major plate varies between […]

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