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The Big Bust

If you were to ask a recognized astronomer to describe the nature of the observable universe today, he or she would say that it is like a giant expanding balloon of intergalactic space, consisting of planets, stars and galaxies, that is roughly 100 billion light years across, and about 14 billion years old. The prevailing […]

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Signs in the Sky

In my previous post I indicated that we are living through the death throes of a dying age, and that a new age is dawning that will transform both the earth and the heavens. I went on to say that the transition from our existing world age to the new one will be accompanied by […]

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The New Golden Age

Readers of this Blog will by now have realised that the central message of my book The Last Days of Tolemac, is that we are currently living through the death throes of the present world age, and that the new age that is dawning will exceed everything we can imagine. In the penultimate chapter of […]

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