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The Great Harlot – Part Seven

According to the Book of Revelation written by the evangelist John, our global economc system will be destroyed in a single day. As we have seen from earlier instalments, our economic system was likened by the angel who appeared before John in a vision, to a mysterious woman dressed in fine clothing and adorned with precious jewels, who […]

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The Great Harlot – Part Six

All of humanity is governed today by an economic system that is based on money. All human enterprise is based on a system that is required to generate money in order to survive. Yet as we have discovered in the last few years, our economic system has become corrupted to the point where the lust […]

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The Great Harlot – Part Five

In the 18th chapter of his Book of Revelation, St. John described how an angel came to him in a vision and revealed a series of events that would unfold upon the earth at a time that would coincide with the physical return of Jesus – the once and future Christ. Among the events that the […]

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