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Rulers of the Universe – Part Three

Almost every person alive today believes that the universe that they see and sense around them exists outside of themselves as a real physical phenomenon. They believe with utter conviction that the universe began many billions of years before they were born, and will continue to manifest many billions of years after they are dead. […]

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Rulers of the Universe – Part Two

Classical scientists began their search for an understanding of the universe believing that it was possible to study the outer world of objects without affecting what it was they were studying. The findings of quantum mechanics however, have demonstrated that this point of view is false. Not only does the act of observation alter what it […]

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Rulers of the Universe – Part One

It is safe to say that almost everyone alive on earth today believes in an objective universe. That is to say they believe they live in a world of real physical objects that exist separately from themselves. These objects are believed to be a part of nature, and as such are things over which they have little or […]

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