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The Giant Machine

As we have seen from earlier instalments, it was Galileo who opened a new vista on the universe. Galileo was the first person to combine empirical knowledge (knowledge derived from experiment and observation) with mathematics, and is thus considered to be the father of modern science. But if the dawn of empirical science was glimpsed in the […]

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The Cartesian Divide

As we have seen from the last instalment, it was Galileo who began the initial search for an understanding of the true nature of the world we see around us, by observing the motions of the planets through his telescope. For his efforts, he was victimised by the Catholic Church, forced to recant his ideas in […]

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The Screen of Maya – Our World of Illusion

As we have seen from previous instalments, astounding feats have been performed by young and old alike. They have been happening for thousands of years. They continue to happen to this day. We call these amazing feats “miracles”, because they defy the accepted laws of nature, and because they cannot be explained by our men and women […]

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