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Men of Miracles – Part Five

Young children provide fertile ground for miracles, because their minds have not yet been conditioned by the limiting world-view shared by their parents. Because they do not yet know what is possible in life and what is not, they are often unwitting partners in events that defy common logic and scientific understanding. They are the […]

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Men of Miracles – Part Four

Michael Bondarchuk was born in Canada in 1937, and grew up in the northern interior of the rugged, mountanous province of British Columbia. When he was 18, Michael happened to be hiking with a friend near Dome Creek, some eighty miles east of the city of Prince George. The day was gloomy and the sky […]

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Men of Miracles – Part Three

When Jesus found himself surrounded by a large crowd of followers who had gone long hours without eating, he asked his disciples whether any food was available. Andrew mentioned that there was a lad among them who had five barley loaves and two small fishes. Then, speaking for entire generations of subsequent skeptics, he said: […]

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Men of Miracles – Part Two

According to the teachings of the Rishis of old, all that is necessary to perform miracles is the power, plus the conviction that such miracles are possible. Enlightened beings like Jesus, as well as Elijah and Lahiri Mahasaya, acquired the power to raise people from the dead once they obtained Supreme Awareness. Others who have yet to reach this level […]

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