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The Power of Prayer – Part Two

For those who believe in the existence of God or a Higher Power, in what ever form they may conceive this power to be, and who have complete faith in its ability to answer their prayers, truly miraculous feats can be achieved. And as we have seen in the previous instalment, these feats are not limited […]

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The Power of Prayer – Part One

As we have seen, there are two requirements demanded of anyone who wishes to change his or her world in “miraculous” ways. The first requirement is “belief”. The second is “personal power”. When we use the word “miracle”, we need to be very clear in our minds exactly what it is we mean by this word. In […]

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The Miracles of Jesus – Part Five

The mission of Jesus during the three years of his ministry in Israel was no different from that of countless numbers of Rishis who had preceded him. It was to demonstrate the intrinsic divinity that exists within every living person, and to show the way by which this divine state could be attained. Jesus taught that […]

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The Miracles of Jesus – Part Four

When Jesus began his ministry, he astonished those who followed him by performing a series of miraculous feats that defied all conventional understanding. When he turned water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana, he achieved something that conventional thinking believed to be impossible. Those who witnessed these “miracles” considered them to be evidence […]

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