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The Miracles of Jesus – Part Three

The epic science fiction series “Star Wars” introduced to the general public an idea that had been known in the East for thousands of years. It was the concept of “the force”. According to the movie, this “force” was a subtle field of energy that existed inside every living being. This force could be used to […]

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The Miracles of Jesus – Part Two

The miracles performed by Jesus were designed to encourage faith among his followers.  When his disciple Peter tried to imitate Jesus as he walked upon the water, only to sink beneath the waves, Jesus reproached him saying: “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”  (Matthew 14:31) Jesus claimed that anyone who had faith “the […]

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The Miracles of Jesus – Part One

When Jesus began his ministry, he was an enlightened “Rishi” who had transcended the human level of consciousness. He was now a God-man who had attained the level of Supreme Awareness. He was now able to say to those who challenged his identity that He and God were an indivisible unity. “I and my Father are one”. (John 10:30) […]

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Jesus the Rishi Master

At the age of thirty, the Bible records that Jesus travelled from Galilee to the river Jordan where he was baptized by John the Baptist. According to St Matthew, as Jesus emerged from the river, the heavens opened and a voice cried out saying: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased“. […]

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The Lost Years of Jesus

Among the authors of the four gospels of the Bible, neither St Mark or St John make any reference to the life led by Jesus before he began his ministry. St Matthew limits his account to the birth of Jesus, and the subsequent flight by Joseph and Mary to Egypt in order to escape the […]

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The Lost Years of Jesus (Part Three)

In 1894, fourteen years before the American preacher Levi Dowling published his account of “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ“, a Russian doctor and former Cossack officer by the name of Nicolas Notovitch startled the world with a publication of his own. It was called “The Unknown Life of Christ”. Notovitch had travelled extensively throughout […]

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