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The Lost Years of Jesus (Part Two)

In 1908, a book was published which claimed to reveal the truth about the lost years of Jesus, and how he spent the eighteen years leading up to his baptism by John in the river Jordan, which began the ministry that is described in the four gospels of the Bible. The book was called “The Aquarian […]

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The Lost Years of Jesus (Part One)

Among the authors of the four gospels of the Bible, neither St Mark or St John make any reference to the life led by Jesus before he began his ministry. St Matthew limits his account to the birth of Jesus, and the subsequent flight by Joseph and Mary to Egypt in order to escape the […]

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The Powers of the Rishis

What Dandamis explained to Alexander the Great in life, and Kalyana showed him in death, is that those who reach the highest level of consciousness in life – the state of Pure Awareness – lose their fear of physical death. They are no longer subject to the physical limitations of the body that govern those who spend their […]

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Alexander and the Yogi

Having been scorned by the elderly sage Dandamis, Alexander the Great might have been expected to wreak vengeance upon him, just as he had done to so many others who had resisted him in the past. Yet, such was his thirst for the knowledge that Dandamis claimed to possess, that Alexander invited learned Brahmin ascetics […]

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