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The Voice of Tolemac


Signs and wonders will be seen – You know my tears – This is the hour – No man shall stop my plan – Trust me!

Follow the hand of God – I will reach for you – Take my hand – Walk with me – Praise the Lord!

You have been called – You are my witness – The Rapture is coming – I am the Light – Expect me!

This is the time of teaching – There shall be a Crusade – Prepare for me – I have risen – Embrace me!

A new day is coming – I am building a Temple – My Church is being restored – Read the signs – Stand!

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The Oracle of Tolemac

The Last Days of Tolemac” is a book about prophecy. It deals with events that are happening in the world today and shows how they fulfill prophecies that were made many centuries ago. The book is set out in a series of questions and answers, and explains in detail:

  • What is about to happen to our planet
  • Why these events are happening at this time
  • What places on earth will be affected
  • What the new world will be like
  • What we can do to prepare

As the book explains, our world is about to be transformed. We are about to experience “a new heaven and a new earth” where there will be no more suffering and no more pain. However all of us are faced with a choice. Do we wish to inherit the new world that is coming? Or will we fall victim to the catastrophes that will herald its arrival? What we need to do to survive is explained in the pages of this book.

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Kindle Books

For the information of readers, The Last Days of Tolemac is now available on Kindle Books as a Digital Download, as well as Allan’s major work entitled The Cosmic Web.

The Cosmic Web deals with the mysteries of life, and shows how we all have within us hidden powers that will transform our lives in the coming age. Many of the stories that appear on this Blog, as well as articles on esoteric aspects of life, have been taken from this book. And as usual with Kindle books, if you click on the cover of either book, you can read part of the contents for free.

Both books can be accessed here

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An Inconvenient Truth – Part Seven

So where has this search for the truth about global warming and climate change led us? What started off as an investigation into the science of what was going on in the upper atmosphere of our planet, has taken us on a circuitous journey to secret bases deep below the surface of the earth.

And what began as an innocent enough enquiry into a phenomenon that has captured the attention of all the countries around the globe, has led us into a dark world of government secrecy and classified information that is shrouded in deception, disease and death.

This quest for understanding has taken us from international forums where the subject is widely discussed and openly debated, to hidden chambers where evidence is officially denied as a conspiratorial hoax, and whistleblowers who speak out do so at the risk of their lives.

Yet beneath all this talk of conspiracy and denial, one truth remains self evident. The facts speak for themselves, no matter how much political spin is applied. The threat is real, and the threat is now. The evidence is undeniable, and it keeps on mounting month by month.

Our climate is changing, and changing at a pace that is beyond the control of any government, whether national or international. Extreme weather events are occurring all around the planet, threatening the existence of every species, from fish and birds to human beings themselves.

The Apparent Truth

Faced with this threat, the scientists of the world have come together to try to speak with a single voice on this matter. According to the official NASA website on Global Climate Change there is a consensus among studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

According to NASA, the conclusion of 97% of climate scientists who have actively published reports on this subject is that climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely to have been the result of human activity, which is what activists like Al Gore have been preaching for years.

The human activities they refer to are the burning of coal and gas to generate power, as well and the use of carbon-based products to fuel our cars and machinery. It is the burning of these products that create the greenhouse gases that form the atmospheric barrier that traps heat.

And because global warming is believed to be a problem that we ourselves have caused, there has been a growing movement within the international community that has culminated in the Paris Accord on climate change, in which 195 countries have agreed to reduce their use of carbon products.

But behind this apparent unanimity among scientists and nations that human beings are the cause of climate change, and are therefore directly responsible for solving the problem, there has been another sinister and secret campaign that is based on a totally different premise.

The Real Truth

That premise, which is also supported by scientific study, holds that changes in the climate of our planet, as well as the increasing heat on land and in the ocean, are the direct result of energies that are impacting the earth from sources beyond the solar system.

And based on this premise, secret agencies around the world have joined together to embark on a two-fold campaign. One part is designed to create an atmospheric shield around the planet to protect it from incoming radiation, and the other is to build underground and undersea shelters to save a select few from destruction.

The rationale behind the extreme secrecy surrounding this campaign is simple. If the truth about global warming is that the lives of all the people on the planet are at risk, then that truth can never be made public. As the whistleblower known as “Deep Shield” explained:

“Due to the severity of the situation it is mandatory to maintain public calm for as long as possible. The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction – without the Shield mankind will die off within 20 to 50 years.

“Most people alive today could live to see this extinction take place. This means that an announcement of the situation we face boils down to telling every man, woman and child on earth that they have no future, they are going to be killed.

“People would panic. There would be economic collapse, the production and movement of goods would collapse. Millions would die in all cities on earth, riots and violence would reduce civilian centers to rubble within days.

“Half of the population in dense metropolitan areas would try to leave the cities seeking ‘safety’ in the rural areas thinking that they would be safe.

“Those left behind in the cities would be at war with their neighbors, fighting for the remaining supplies. We would be telling the world that the world is coming to an end, and even with the Shield the chances of survival are small”. (View Source)

Increasing Cosmic Radiation

So what is the real cause of this threat? The honest answer is that we still do not know. All we can say is that the earth, as well as the entire solar system, is being subjected to significantly increasing amounts of cosmic radiation, as can be seen in the following graph taken from Spaceweather.com 

As the above graph clearly indicates, in the short space of two years from March 2015 to May 2017, the amount of cosmic radiation registered by high altitude balloons in the upper atmosphere above California has increased by 13%. The website goes on to say:

“Why are cosmic rays intensifying? The main reason is the sun. Solar storm clouds such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) sweep aside cosmic rays when they pass by Earth. During Solar Maximum, CMEs are abundant and cosmic rays are held at bay.

“Now, however, the solar cycle is swinging toward Solar Minimum, allowing cosmic rays to return. Another reason could be the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field, which helps protect us from deep-space radiation”.

As pointed out above, the main reason that cosmic rays are intensifying is the sun. This was also pointed out by Swiss and German scientists as far back as July 2004, according to a report that was published in the British newspaper The Telegraph.

This study was based on research led by Dr. Sami Solanki, director of the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, Germany. The conclusion of their study was that the earth was getting hotter because the sun was brighter than at any time in the last 1,000 years.

Although Dr. Solanki indicated that he did not know what was causing the sun to burn brighter, or how long this cycle would last, he did say that he believed that the impact of this intense sunlight on the ozone layer could be affecting the climate more than the sunlight itself.

Ozone Layer

Dr. Solanki’s comment about the effect of this intense sunlight upon the ozone layer goes to the very heart of the problem that is affecting the earth at this time. The reason is because of the nature of the ozone layer, and the function it fulfills in our atmosphere.

The atmosphere of the earth is divided into several layers. The lowest layer, called the troposphere, extends from the surface of the earth to about six miles (10 kms) in altitude. The next layer, called the stratosphere, extends from there up to about thirty miles (50 kms) above the earth.

The ozone layer consists of ozone molecules that are suspended in the upper reaches of the stratosphere. Stratospheric ozone is a naturally occurring gas that helps to filter out ultraviolet (UV) radiation emanating from the sun. It has been called the earth’s sunscreen.

So if the ozone layer is diminished for any reason, as it is now, it allows more UV radiation to reach the earth’s surface. And it is this increased UV radiation that leads to skin cancer, cataracts and other health problems. It also disrupts marine life and reduces crop yields.

But ordinary people do not need scientific studies to tell them that something is seriously wrong with our sun. They can see and sense this as they go about their daily duties. They already know that sunlight feels hotter and that it is easier to get sunburned than before.

One of the easiest ways to find out what ordinary citizens think about the sun, is to scan the comments that can be seen below YouTube videos dealing with the subject of climate change. The following is a selection of what people around the world have been saying recently.

What YouTube Viewers Have to Say

“The Sun burns like the arc from a welder machine. Prickly hot on the skin. When you go outside it’s like living in an overexposed photograph is the only way I can explain it.

“We live in Camp Verde AZ – every year up to this year we have had an increasing number of fire ants in our yard. This year we have not seen even ONE ANT anywhere in the whole yard. Looking for them, we can’t find any. How can ants just not be there anymore? Are they all hiding under ground because of the deadly UV spikes? Are they all dead?

“All I know is that the UV intensity and whiteness of the sun is relatively new,  and the climate, the weather, the air quality and other things were completely different when I was a kid, and I’ve lived in the same part of the country for more than sixty years. The changes are undeniable and I do not think it has all been caused by burning fossil fuels.

“I am 48 and I can say for a FACT!! I remember the sun being softer gold with yellow tones. You could look at it for a second. This bright white sun you can’t even glimpse at is not the sun I remember as a kid.

“I’m 43. You are right on about the Sun being white. It’s been like that a few years now. I been photographing the Sun for awhile now. Pictures show a white Sun.

“I’ve been telling my friends & family for at least 5-8 years now – our sunlight seems different. It feels different on my skin. I try to explain to them that it’s subtle, but it’s certainly different.

“When I’m out in the sun, the light hurts my skin in a different way than it ever has in my entire life — I’m now 45. I explain it as though it “feels hotter” — which is a poor description, I know. But it stings in a way that it never has before — a bit more intense, I suppose. It’s so very difficult to articulate… It just feels like the sunlight is more “intense”.

“What makes me say that is the effect that it has on my sensory nerves under my skin. Of course, most people say that I’m nuttier than usual, but I certainly can & I stand by my own claims that the sunlight is different than it’s been during the first 35-38 years of my life.

“I’m from Warren county in SW Ohio. I currently live in Dayton. For the past few years I have definitely felt the sun burning my skin faster than my entire life and it seems to only be getting worse. Crazy weather we’ve been having here in Ohio.

“Something must be up. I just got mild sunburn after 30 minutes outdoors yesterday. This is Winter (Tasmania, Australia). A passer by commented to me that the Sun was too bright, too hot, and much bigger for Winter…and it was not as low on the horizon.

“Notice how the sun doesn’t have a yellow hue any more, bright white!!

“No offense sincerely, but I remember a yellow hued sun growing up. I loved to watch clouds and the sun felt warm – not burning little water blisters on my forearms. Something has affected our star.

“94º today in PA. Something definitely has been going on with the sun for years now. It doesn’t seem so hot out until you get into sunlight. Then it feels like you are being micro-waved. Strange.

“I’m sensitive to the sun. It’s definitely hotter and more intense. I can’t even go out for a minute now without getting really red.

“My dear grandson got a terrible burn today here in Maryland, even though he was covered in sun-block.

“Yes, for we who knew the benign golden Sun, it’s really sad. I can hardly see to drive when the road glares so much under this light. Maybe I need welder’s goggles, it seems to burn and leave after images. You see everybody squinting some days.

“The sun was yellow and sky blue. It was called the golden sun. Remember the children’s  song: Mister sun, Mister sun, Mister golden sun, please shine down on me. The sky was also much bluer then.

“Another older guy to testify that the sun used to be yellow. It was possible to look directly at the sun for up to about ten seconds and this was intense but felt purifying. Now the sun’s so bright you’d go blind.

“Adding to an old post. Yes, I’m 57. The sun used to be yellow. As a young (and dumb) kid I used to stare into the sun to see how long I could look at it. It was yellow. The sun used to rise and set in yellow, orange, & red with the red being the color when it was closest to the horizon. Today, it is simply white and almost unbearable to the eyes.

“I think what happened is the ozone just left us, I remember it being yellow. We as kids during the 80s colored in a “Yellow sun” I noticed this shift in 2002 / 2004. Suddenly it was just this crazy white and it gets whiter every year.

The above comments made by ordinary people may seem rambling and mundane, but they go to the essence of the changes that are taking place on the sun. In fact they have unwittingly realised the true cause of global warming and the effect this is having upon the surface of the earth.

The key to understanding global warming is simply this. The earth is getting hotter because the sun is getting hotter. And the hotter the sun gets, the whiter it gets.

The changes that these viewers have described have so far eluded all those climatologists who subscribe to the greenhouse gases explanation of global warming. The truth is that climate change is not the result of people burning fossil fuels. It is because the sun itself has changed.

The Conventional Theory of the Sun

Conventional climatologists suffer from one basic defect which prevents them from understanding the true causes of the changes that are taking place on this planet, and that is their understanding (or should I say “misunderstanding”) of the nature and function of our sun.

All the leading colleges and universities around the world teach a single theory about the origin and nature of the sun, and any student who hopes to graduate and go on to enjoy a career in science is obliged to accept this theory as proven fact.

The conventional view of science is that our sun is a circular star which lies at the centre of our solar system. This star is considered to be roughly 865,000 miles (1,393,000 kilometres) in diameter, with a mass of about 330,000 times the mass of the earth.

As a result of spectrographic analysis, three-quarters of this mass has been found to consist of hydrogen, while the rest of it is made up mostly of helium. Small amounts of heavier elements such as oxygen, carbon, neon and iron have also been found.

Our sun is thought to have formed about four and a half billion years ago, and is considered to have been the result of the gravitational collapse of a large molecular cloud, and it is this cloud that ultimately became the sun with its orbiting planets.

Being at the centre of this gravitational collapse, our sun became increasingly hot and dense until it reached a point when thermonuclear fusion spontaneously occurred. It is this process of nuclear fusion, by converting hydrogen nuclei into helium, that produces its heat and light.

Charles Bruce

All remained well in this neatly organized world of accepted theory until a Scottish astrophysicist by the name of Charles Bruce arrived on the scene. In 1944, Bruce, who was an electrical researcher, astronomer, and expert on the effects of lightning, made an unusual discovery.

He found that the surface of the sun had the same appearance, temperature and spectral analysis as an electric arc. He then went on to make a bold proposition. The sun looked like an electric arc, he said, and had the same characteristics as an electrical arc, because it was an electric arc.

So what Charles Bruce theorised was that the sun was not a nuclear furnace after all. It was in fact an electrical body made up of a large number of arcs in parallel with one another. He explained that our sun, as well as every other star, was actually a sophisticated, though complex, electric light bulb.

Bruce’s idea that the source of the sun’s heat and light was the result of electromagnetic rather than thermonuclear interactions, was laughed at by all the scientific authorities of his time, just as it continues to be rejected to this day.

There was, however, one small problem, and that was that the old theory was devised by scientists before the advent of the space age. And once it became possible to send scientific probes into space to study the properties of the sun, it was clear that the accepted theory of the sun was in trouble.

The problem was that this elegant mathematical theory that had been held so fervently by so many people for so many years, was just not supported by the facts. The evidence proved that every aspect of the existing theory was wrong. In fact, it was so obvious that even a child could see it.

Ralph Juergens

The deficiencies of the traditional theory were exposed some years later when an American civil engineer named Ralph Juergens wrote an article in which he demolished the long accepted theory of the sun. In an unequivocal assessment of the situation, Juergens wrote:

“I can find no way to state this diplomatically, so let me be blunt. The modern astrophysical concept that ascribes the Sun’s energy to thermonuclear reactions deep in the solar interior is contradicted by nearly every observable aspect of the Sun.”

What incensed Juergens at the time was not only that the accepted theory of the sun as a thermonuclear reactor was unable to explain the observed features of the sun, but that the scientists who held so firmly to this theory blithely ignored these features.

The fundamental problem with the existing theory was this. If the sun truly was a nuclear reactor, converting hydrogen atoms into helium through a process of thermonuclear fusion, then there should be a simple temperature gradient between the inner and outer heat of the sun.

In other words, the sun should be hottest at its centre. And the further away one went from the surface of the sun, the cooler it should become. The problem was that the actual temperature readings on which all astrophysicists agreed showed the exact opposite.

The temperature at the surface of the sun is roughly 4,400 degrees Kelvin (7,460ºF). But about four times further away, it rises steadily to about 20,000ºK (35,540ºF) . From there the temperature jumps abruptly to two million degrees Kelvin (3,554,000ºF) in the Corona.

Based on this new data provided by space probes which was the opposite of what the traditional theory predicted, Juergens not only exposed the shortcomings of existing theory, but he went on to propose an entirely new theory of the sun that was founded on electromagnetism.

According to Juergens, the source of the energy that powers the sun comes from space beyond the sun, and this energy is electrical in nature. The sun is therefore the focus of a “coronal glow discharge” that is fed by electric currents coursing throughout the galaxy.

As he wrote in 1972, some years before his death in 1979, in an article entitled Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian Catastrophism:

“The known characteristics of the interplanetary medium suggest not only that the sun and the  planets are electrically charged, but that the sun itself is the focus of a cosmic electric discharge – the probable source of all its radiant energy“. (See Electric Sun)

As he went on to clarify, “The sun is electrically powered – the source of the sun’s energy is coming from electric currents in galactic space.”  (See Electric Comet)

Today, Juergen’s ideas have been amplified and refined by a growing body of scientists who have aligned themselves with the Thunderbolts Group. They believe that we live in an “Electric Universe”, and that electromagnetism is the fundamental source of all created life.

The Electric Sun

What ordinary people have now come to realise is that our sun has changed. It has become hotter and it has become “whiter”. And as the evidence quoted earlier shows, the earth is being impacted by ever increasing amounts of harmful UV radiation emanating from the sun.

Nevertheless, the key contribution that Juergens has made to this discussion is the idea that the sun is electrically powered, that the brightness of the sun is dependent upon its “coronal glow discharge”, and that this in turn is fed by electric currents coursing throughout the galaxy.

So the reason why the sun now appears hotter and “whiter” is because the area through which the solar system is now travelling is being exposed to more intense radiation, which has changed the sun’s electromagnetic field, and therefore its “coronal glow discharge”.

And as Charles Bruce noted earlier, just like an arc welder’s torch changes colour with the intensity of the current and glows “whiter” as it gets hotter, so changes to the “coronal glow discharge” of the sun are causing it to feel hotter and look “whiter” when we experience it on the earth.

So what common people everywhere are reporting is evidence that these changes to the sun are having devastating effects upon the earth, as evidence mounts of more and more species being harmed by the increasing levels of lethal UVB and UVC radiation.

The “inconvenient” truth about climate change is that the earth is dying. It is losing its ability to support life. Insects are dying. Trees and plants are dying. Birds and animals are dying. How long before our agriculture and crop yields are seriously affected? How much time do we ourselves have left?

This truth is inescapable. It is no longer something that we can merely shrug off as inconsequential. Not only is it a truth that none of us can avoid, but it is one that every one of us must come to terms with as we make the day-to-day decisions about the future conduct of our lives. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that very few people today are equipped to handle the devastating truth that the world as we know it is coming to an end. They simply cannot bring themselves to believe that the entire human species could be threatened with extinction.

Yet the evidence is there for all to see. And it is growing more and more evident with every passing year. We are reminded of the movie A Few Good Men, in which the actor Jack Nicholson uttered that memorable line, “You can’t handle the truth!”.  

The ultimate question is: Can you?


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An Inconvenient Truth – Part Six

The Threat

In the letter sent to Marjorie Tietjen quoted in Part Four, the anonymous author made the following statement in response to her query about the nature and purpose of the chemtrail jet aerosol programme that is being conducted in the skies above the United States.

“As long ago as the early 1940s, some physicists and astronomers began to notice a pattern of change coming over the sun. It did not become more pronounced until the new millennium arrived.

“During the past four years, from 2000 through 2004, the sun’s activity has become more unpredictable and more obvious. Scientists, some working for the military or the federal government, began to think the unthinkable: the sun and all the planets were beginning a massive transformation.

“This transformation is unstoppable, potentially catastrophic to life and will most certainly cause the Earth’s environment to experience abrupt changes on a massive scale”.

The author went on to say that if the secret global aerosol chemical barrier now being conducted by the military was not successful in mitigating the harmful effects of the increased ultra-violet radiation emanating from the sun, then life on the surface of the earth might soon become impossible.

And because nobody knows how long the current changes in the sun will last, there may come a time when life above the ground will be threatened with extinction, and humanity will have no choice but to seek accommodation underground in order to survive.

The spectre which this would raise for the continuation of life on this planet would be stark indeed. As the author indicated:

“Therefore, millions of people may have to spend the rest of their lives in underground cities — and perhaps their children and grandchildren. Of course, that still leaves billions on the surface of a dying planet. How long those billions will be able to survive, no one knows”.

The Response

So the test as to whether the earth truly is facing an imminent existential threat would be whether those same authorities that are responsible for creating chemtrail barriers in the sky, are also hard at work creating places of safety underground, as the anonymous source described.

“Many who read this are very much aware of the massive underground complexes that have been built in the United States and other countries since World War II.

“Much of the technology was acquired from Nazi engineering projects and during the last 60 years vastly improved upon using more advanced technology and materials.

“The original purpose of most of the underground complexes (many in hollowed out mountains or under the wasteland of parched desert terrain) was for key elements of society and government to survive a nuclear cataclysm. To an extent that is still one of the purposes.

“But all have been modified and more are being constructed around the world at breakneck speed in the event that the system phenomenon is not constrained by the aerosol chemical barrier.”

So if this author is correct, then the same Military-Industrial Complex that is responsible for the global aerosol dispersal programme designed to shield the population on earth from harmful radiation coming from the sun, should also be busy building places of refuge underground.

The question then becomes whether there is any evidence to support this claim.

But before looking for any evidence, we need to be aware that any operation by the secret government to construct underground complexes would inevitably be assigned the highest level of secrecy, and therefore demand the strictest efforts to maintain this secrecy.

So the likelihood of finding whistle-blowers willing to come forward and speak publicly about these underground bases is remote. Nevertheless, there have been a few brave souls who have chosen to research this subject, even though they risk their lives in doing so.

Richard Sauder

Dr. Richard Sauder

The most prominent researcher into the subject of underground, and even undersea bases, has been Dr. Richard Sauder. Hailing from the American state of Virginia, Richard has devoted his life to exploring unusual phenomena, especially those hidden behind an official veil of secrecy.

He was the first person to investigate underground and under-water military bases, by systematically delving into hard-to-find records of government, military and industry on the subject. He subsequently wrote three books outlining what he found.

His first book, which was published in 1995, proved to be an immediate  best-seller. It was titled Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide? Working from  government documents and corporate records, Sauder revealed hitherto secret information.

In this book he outlined how corporate America had been working hand-in-glove with the Pentagon for decades, first planning and then constructing secret underground facilities. He revealed where these bases were located, the tunneling techniques involved, and why they were built.

His second book, published in 2001, was called Underwater and Underground Bases. In this work he revealed documentary evidence of huge, manned bases that had been built offshore, in mid-ocean, and deep beneath the seafloor. Some of which were big enough to house submarines.

This was followed in 2010 by Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files. Using a combination of archival research, on-scene-investigation and first-hand interviews, Sauder challenger the reader by asking, and then answering, such questions as:

• Where are the secret underground bases?
• How far down do they go?
• Are there bases underneath the ocean?
• Are there high-speed underground shuttle systems?
• What is going on beneath Washington, D.C.?

Washington D.C.

On the subject of the mysteries that lay beneath the surface of Washington, D.C., Dr Sauder had this to say:

“Most tourists who visit Washington, DC never suspect that a veritable labyrinth lies beneath their feet. They visit the White House without thinking of the secret, deep underground tunnels that radiate out from it to other locations in the city.

“They never suspect the elaborate, subterranean installation buried deep beneath the White House that extends down underground, level after level after level.

“They never have heard of the Top Secret plans in the 1960s to make a secret underground base 3,500 feet below ground, with high speed elevators connecting to the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon, and a high speed, deep underground shuttle connector between the base and the elevators. And that is just a fraction of the subterranean secrets that Washington, DC conceals”. (View Source)

Underground Bases

In his Blog, Dr. Sauder summarises the history of the clandestine underground and undersea construction project in the following words:

“One of the global Shadow Government’s biggest projects over the last several decades has been the construction of numerous Top Secret underground and undersea bases, as well as secret tunnels, all over the world.

“The majority of the world’s population knows very little about this ambitious program, and remains ignorant of what is happening undersea and underground. This has been going on at least since the end of World War II.  A lot of it may have started with the Nazi engineers in the Third Reich, but it absolutely did not end with them.

“I provide a great deal of information about these bases in my three books. Because I passed 90% of my life in the USA, my work has a particular focus on that country.

“I reveal many of the major players in this decades-long project, many of the facilities themselves, and some of what is known about the activities that take place in them. It has to be said that a great deal still remains unknown about what is taking place underground and undersea.

“Many governments have contracted with major civil and marine engineering firms to construct massive installations underground and undersea. These bases are found in many countries, including the USA, Russia, China, Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and more”.

A far as the location of these underground facilities within the United States and around the world, Dr. Sauder has this to say:

“There are many secret underground bases all over the world. The Americans have numerous highly secret underground bases, including at their mysterious UFO research base in Nevada called Area 51.

“Many other nations also have secret underground bases. The Swiss Alps, for example, are said to be tunneled like Swiss cheese! The massive underground base beneath Yamantau Mountain in the southern Ural region of Russia is almost as legendary as Area 51 in the USA.

“The huge, Pine Gap underground facility in the middle of the Australian Outback is equally mysterious. Our planet is home to myriad facilities such as these.

“Many thousands, maybe even millions of people in total, are involved in building, maintaining and operating these highly secretive underground and undersea facilities – and yet the general public is kept completely in the dark as to what happens in them, or even where most of them are located”.

Undersea Bases

With regard to bases constructed underneath the sea, Dr. Sauder commented as follows:

“The technology to construct manned bases down in the bedrock deep beneath the seafloor in mid-ocean has existed for almost half a century now. In 1966 the USSA Navy’s so-called Rock-Site concept revealed that the technical expertise in the petroleum, mining and marine engineering industries made possible the construction of large, permanently manned facilities deep beneath the seafloor, hundreds of miles offshore in mid-ocean.

“In 1968 researchers affiliated with the Stanford Research Institute in California recommended constructing thirty undersea bases, at a projected cost of less than $3 billion dollars. Their report suggested that the deep undersea bases could be multipurpose facilities, for joint industrial, scientific and military use.

“A growing body of evidence indicates that such bases have been built by the Americans, and perhaps by others as well. Bodies of water such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, the North Sea, the Bay of Biscay, the Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean Sea, the South China Sea and East China Sea, the coastal waters of the continental shelves worldwide, as well as all other major seas and oceans are all candidate sites for deep, permanently manned bases.

“In fact the technology exists to conduct major industrial and military operations at extreme depths of 20,000 feet in mid-ocean. The major military agencies of the world and civil, petroleum, mining and marine engineering corporations have had the capability to construct these bases for decades.

“Reported or planned uses for these undersea facilities are as clandestine submarine bases, sonar bases, industrial mineral extraction operations (mining), alien bases, nuclear missile bases and scientific research installations. Note that all of these bases are presently clandestine and that there are likely to be other uses, perhaps even more exotic than those listed.

“Marine and civil engineering technology also permit the construction of massive bases in the world’s coastal regions that incorporate elements of both undersea and underground bases. The massive base that the Chinese military has reportedly constructed on Hainan Island is a good example.

“This huge, underground base can accommodate as many as 20 large, nuclear missile firing submarines underground beneath the island. The submarines reportedly do not surface to enter their base. They come and go from the base through multiple underwater tunnels that open directly to the deep sea and lead straight from the secret, underground submarine base.

“In the late Soviet period the Russians were also making a similar facility for their enormous Typhoon class, nuclear missile firing submarines. The Russian base is reported to be on the Kola Peninsula about 150 miles from Murmansk.

“I have been told that the USSA Navy also has built similar underground and undersea submarine bases. The Israeli Navy is reported to have such a base on the Mediterranean coast. Military marine engineering has science-fiction-like capabilities to make huge, deep, undersea and underground tunnels for submarines. Technology in the Black Budget world has far outstripped the reality that we know in our everyday lives”.

Underground Tunnels

When construction first began on these underground bases, it was recognized that none of them would be able to function effectively unless there was a network of underground tunnels to provide fast and efficient transportation between these different bases.

The United States Air Force sponsored research into deep underground construction as early as 1958. This research was carried out by the Rand Corporation. They held symposiums on construction methods and equipment, utility installation, and the use of nuclear explosions to create underground cavities.

In September 1983, Omni magazine published a story on an underground device known as a “Subterrene”. This was a nuclear tunnel-boring machine that had been developed at Los Alamos Laboratories in New Mexico.

This machine was able to penetrate rock deep below the earth and heat it to a state of molten magma, which then cooled after the machine moved on. The result was a tube with a smooth, glazed lining that enabled high-speed shuttles to link these subterranean bases with one another.

Dr. Sauder had this to say about the network of tunnels that linked these underground bases together, as well as the magnetic-levitation system that could propel transportation shuttles beneath the North American continent at speeds in excess of 1,500 mph (2,400 kms per hour).

“Others have alleged the existence of supersonic, underground magnetic levitation (maglev) trains that hurtle through a sprawling, continent-wide, deeply buried tunnel system.

“Can there be such a clandestine, subterranean train system built by the Shadow Government in great secrecy? My research answers a resounding, yes, it is very possible.

“In fact, the open record shows that just such a system was under active research and development all the way back in the 1930s, in the Third Reich of Nazi Germany.

“While it is not known if the Nazis ever built such a secret, maglev, tube shuttle, train network, the stories persist that such a system exists today, that it is very fast, very deep and very secret, for use only by the Shadow Government’s clandestine, compartmentalized projects.

“In my books, I provide documentation from the open technical literature that demonstrates a decades-long, multi-agency research effort into high speed maglev trains”.

Although Dr. Richard Sauder has been the foremost researcher into underground and undersea bases, as well as the supersonic shuttle system of transportation linking them all together, this knowledge has come at a heavy price. For as Kevin Shipp, the former CIA Anti-terrorism Specialist mentioned in Part Three warned, those who choose to reveal highly classified state secrets do so at their peril, for their very lives are at stake. (View source)


On June 12, 2014, Sauder sent a chilling letter to a friend indicating that he was applying for political asylum in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. In this letter he explained his reasons for doing so.

“I am seeking political refuge in Ecuador, with support from 1) Francis Boyle  (international lawyer at U. of Illinois Law School), 2, the World Service Authority in Washington, DC (founded by the late Gary Davis) and 3) the Inter-American Platform for Human Rights, Development and Democracy, here in Quito.

“The principal bases of my petition are 1) my multiple arrests and stints in jail/prison for nonviolent, anti-nuclear peace protests, most recently in 2010 in North Dakota, for which I spent 100 days in jail; 2) my years of blogging on a variety of social and political issues; 3) my two decades of research and writing about the many underground and underwater bases of the military-industrial-espionage complex; and 4) the provisions of the NDAA and the pervasive, global spying.

“I am probably on multiple watch lists because of my anti-nuclear activism, my blogging and my underground and underwater bases and tunnels research and writing. With the NDAA anyone can be abruptly killed or simply plucked off the street. You just vanish. I have noticed human surveillance of myself in Quito in recent months. I don’t know who is doing it.

“I was almost killed a year and a half ago, and spent more than four months in the public hospitals here in Ecuador. It was a close call. Some of my friends think a USA three-letter agency could have been involved. Maybe. I personally have no idea. I am still alive. (View Source)

Richard Sauder’s choice of Ecuador as a place of refuge finds an interesting parallel with another person who has devoted his life to investigating government secrets hidden from the general public. His name is Bill Ryan, co-founder with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

Together, Ryan and Cassidy recorded a large collection of video interviews with whistleblowers and other informants who were prepared to talk about a variety of secret government programmes, including DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases).

Both Cassidy and Ryan have since moved on from Project Camelot. But although Bill Ryan has never stated publicly that he felt that his life was in danger, it is interesting to note that he no longer lives in the United States and now makes his home in a remote corner of Ecuador.

Furthermore, it is hardly a coincidence that Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, sought refuge from prosecution by living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and that Edward Snowden had originally intended to travel to Ecuador to escape the U.S. authorities.

Philip Schneider

Philip Schneider

By far the most significant whistleblower to come forward and reveal inside information about the secret American deep underground network, was Philip Schneider. Schneider was a self-taught geological and structural engineer with both military and aerospace experience.

Schneider was a true patriot. However, his patriotism did not permit him to honour the non-disclosure agreement that all classified government employees have to sign. He said that his ultimate allegiance was to the Constitution of the United States, rather than to any official organization.

It was this zeal that prompted him to begin a series of lecture tours talking about government cover-ups, black budgets, black programme contractors, deep underground bases and many other projects in which he had personally been involved.

In May, 1995, he began a public lecture (show link) at Post Falls, Idaho, with the following words:

“I love the country I am living in more than I love my life, but I would not be standing before you now, risking my life, if I did not believe it was so.

“The first part of this talk is going to concern deep underground military bases and the Black Budget. The Black Budget is a secretive budget that garners 25% of the gross national product of the United States. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with underground bases.

“Presently (May, 1995), there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States. They have been building these bases day and night unceasingly since the early 1940s. Some of them were built even earlier than that.

“These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-levitation trains that have speeds up to Mach 2 (1,500 mph). Several books have been written about this activity.

“Richard Souder, a Ph. D. architect (not to be confused with Richard Sauder mentioned above), has risked his life by talking about this. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases. In around where you live in Idaho, there are 11 of them.

“The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they are again basically whole cities underground. They are all between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. They have laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day.

“The Black Projects sidestep the authority of Congress, which as we know is illegal. Right now, the New World Order is depending on these bases. If I had known at the time I was working on them that the NWO was involved, I would not have done it. I was lied to rather extensively.” (View source)

Less than eight months after saying these words, Philip Schneider was dead. On January 10, 1996, one of his friends had gone to his apartment in Wilsonville, Oregon, but got no response when he knocked on the door, even though his car was in the parking lot.

Finally, seven days later, he returned with the manager of the apartment complex and a detective from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office. Inside they found the body of Philip Schneider. They estimated that he had been dead for five to seven days.

The County Coroner’s office initially attributed his death to a stroke. However, in the following days disturbing details about his death began to surface when it became clear that he had not in fact died from a stroke, but that he had been murdered.

A summary of these disturbing details was later revealed by his ex-wife Cynthia Drayer, in a memorandum issued on March 11, 2009, together with pertinent information about Philip’s early life, and the circumstances which had led to their separation. (View source)

Denver International Airport

Probably the best example of a secret underground military base that is hidden in plain sight can be found just outside the city of Denver. It is the site of the new international airport. Now Denver didn’t need a new airport. It already had one that had served it perfectly well from 1929 to 1995.

But in 1995 the old Stapleton airport was replaced by a new airport located some 25 miles from downtown. It was called the Denver International Airport (DIA).  This new airport was not merely an enlargement of the old airport. It totally dwarfed it in size.

It is in fact twice as large as the next biggest airport in the United States, and second only to the King Fahd Airport in Saudi Arabia. It has the longest public use runway in the U.S.A., with a length of 16,000 feet (4,877 m), and a total land area of 33,531 acres, or 52.4 square miles.

The unusually large size of the new Denver International Airport may have been the first thing to arouse suspicion, but it was the enormous cost over-runs associated with this project that caused many to question its true nature and purpose.

By the time the new airport began operations, the cost of the project had exceeded its initial budget by a staggering $2 billion. Local taxpayers wondered what these inflated costs were spent on, especially as so many features of the new airport have never satisfactorily been explained.

When the airport was officially dedicated on March 19, 1994, a capstone was placed inside the terminal building displaying a Masonic symbol above an inscription referring to the “New World Airport Commission”. But no one has yet been able to identify this organization, or say what it is or does.

One of the most striking features at the entrance of this airport is the 32 feet (9.8 metre) high illuminated statue of a mustang rearing up on its hind legs that greets every visitor arriving at the terminal. It is coloured blue and has bulging veins and glowing red eyes.

Blue Mustang

If the sight of this weird creature was not enough to cause concern, then the story of its creation certainly did. For while working on this statue the sculptor, El Paso born artist Luis Jiménez, was killed when part of it fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.

Disturbing sights can be found inside the terminal building with murals showing militaristic scenes of conquest, involving swords, bayonets and machine guns. There is also a wall feature of a demonic creature climbing out of a suitcase, hardly a reassuring sight for prospective travellers.

The Suitcase Gargoyle

But the controversies associated with this airport do not end with the features inside the terminal building. There is also the mystery of the underground bunkers. When construction began, five large buildings were built on the site.

No sooner had these buildings been completed, when it was announced that they had been positioned incorrectly. And rather than demolish them, as would normally be the case, the authorities decided that they should be buried underground and used as “storage” facilities.

Since that time, a large part of previously unoccupied airport land has been used as a landfill for huge amounts of soil. Where this soil came from has never satisfactorily been explained, but it is certainly indicative of large-scale underground excavation in the area.

There are also many acres of fenced-off areas which have barbed wire pointing inwards, as if to keep things in, as well as small concrete stacks that resemble mini-cooling towers. These rise out of apparent empty ground, and could be used to vent facilities underground.

Another curiosity is that when the airport was first built, it was designed to have a sophisticated underground baggage delivery system. Yet despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on this system, it was announced that this had proved to be unworkable, and that it was supposedly “scrapped”.

It is also worth noting that Denver International Airport has four solar farms consisting of 42,358 solar panels spread across 55 acres, that can generate over ten megawatts of power. Some of this is used directly by the airport, while the rest is sold back to the grid.

Because the CIA has relocated the headquarters of its domestic division, responsible for operations within the United States to Denver, many have concluded that the airport could well be the hub of a vast secret network of deep underground bases linked together by tunnels.

Many of the anomalies associated with Denver International Airport are illustrated in the following video.

Allan, An Inconvenient Truth, July 2, 2017, 12:58 pm

An Inconvenient Truth – Part Five

In the previous instalment, I described the occasion when New York area journalist Marjorie Tietjen, who had been researching the subject of chemtrails, received a letter from an anonymous source that began with the words: “I know what chemtrails are and their purpose”.

The writer said that although greenhouse gases generated by burning fossil fuels did indeed contribute to global warming, this was miniscule compared to the real threat confronting humanity, which was the higher amount of cosmic radiation coming from outer space. He (or she) went on to say:

“We don’t know exactly the cause of the phenomenon we are fighting. We don’t know how long it will last or the peak of its intensity. We only know that the Earth, as well as all the other planets and our sun, has become enveloped in an unknown energy field that threatens all stability across the solar system and our very lives”.

In the course of this letter, the writer emphasized the following points:

• Signs that something was seriously wrong only began to be realized in the late 1960s
• These signs included insect and animal migrations, as well as biological mutations
• Climate change is not just affecting the earth. It is affecting the entire solar system
• All the planets are experiencing change, from Mercury all the way out to Pluto
• The chemical composition of the atmosphere of Venus has changed, and that change is accelerating
• Radiation emitted from the gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) has intensified
• Chemtrails first appeared in the sky around 1997, although tests had been carried out earlier
• This massive atmospheric aerosol spraying programme began in the United States, but now is world-wide
• Crews that do this spraying fly out of air force bases around the globe using re-fitted Lockheed and Boeing jets
• Chemtrails consist primarily of ionized barium and aluminum oxide particles, as well as carbon black
• Their purpose is to create a thermal, anti-radiation barrier beneath the earth’s troposphere
• This barrier is designed to reflect the damaging incoming radiation back out into space
• Although the aerosol being sprayed will make many people sick, the trade off is the long term survival of humanity
• The pilots who fly these aerosol spraying missions should really be considered heroes, for our continued livelihood is at risk

The scenario described by the writer in this letter sounds like it could have been lifted straight out of a science fiction novel. So the question we have to ask ourselves is: how much of this, if anything, is true?  Of course, if you were to ask any conventional climatologist, the answer would be “NIL”.

But for those who care to look behind the curtain of conventional climate thinking, the answer would be very different, In fact there is increasing evidence to suggest that ALL of the points mentioned in the above letter may turn out to be true.

Most people who live on earth know that the earth spins on its axis, and that it takes 24 hours to do so. That means that it is spinning at a rate of about 1,000 miles an hour (1,600 kms per hour). But the earth also moves around the sun, and it takes a year to complete a single circuit.

But although all the planets rotate around the sun, the sun itself is not stationary. It doesn’t simply stay in one place all the time. The sun is also moving. In fact the entire solar system orbits around the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, which of course is also in motion.

Scientists have calculated that the solar system is travelling at a rate of about 828,000 kms per hour (roughly 515,000 miles per hour). Even at that speed it takes about 230 million years for the solar system  to complete a circuit around the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.

So what that means is that humanity has only lived on this planet for a tiny fraction of one orbit around the centre of the galaxy, and that every day brings the solar system in contact with a new area of space. And what whistleblowers are telling us is that it is this new area of space that is harming us.

We already know that drastic changes are happening on the earth. So if what these whistleblowers are telling us is true, we should find changes happening on other planets in the solar system, as well as to the sun itself. And there are certainly indications that this is so.

Media Coverage

Back in 2007 the National Geographic News carried an article titled Mars Melt Hinted at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says. The report indicated that data from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey missions revealed that “ice caps” on Mars had been shrinking.

The scientist concerned was Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg’s Astronomical Observatory in Russia. He claimed that this data from Mars was evidence that global warming on Earth was being caused by changes in the sun.

Abdussamatov claimed that it was the long-term increase in solar irradiance that was the cause of heating on both the Earth and Mars. Not surprisingly, his claim went over with conventional climatologists like a lead balloon.

Colin Wilson, a planetary physicist at Oxford University said “His views are completely at odds with the mainstream scientific opinion”, while Arthur Evan, a climate scientist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, added: “The idea just isn’t supported by the theory or observations”.

More recently (December 2015), Space.news carried an article under the headline Entire solar system is heating up! Scientists blame solar warming. The article carried information that is sufficiently illuminating that it is worth reproducing here.

“Nothing is stable, including the solar system. New evidence suggests the solar system is moving into a new energy zone which is altering the magnetic fields of the planets.

“There is reason to believe Earth is not the only planet in the solar system undergoing climate change, meaning CO2 emissions are not the primary force responsible for the rise in global temperatures.

“Growth of the dark spots in Pluto, reports of auroras on Saturn, polar shifts in Uranus and changes in light intensity of Neptune suggests something very strange is happening in the solar system.

“Many scientists suspect that the solar system has migrated to a region of the galaxy with high energy. We have the illusion that the sun is a nebulous ball of gas fixated in the sky that the rest of the solar system dances around.

“In reality, the sun is one star among many sitting on the outskirts of the Milky Way, hurtling through space. Although the total amount of energy within the universe is conserved, pockets of energy in the Milky Way vary in intensity. The solar system may have rolled into one of these highly active regions.

Sun’s magnetic field increases in strength

“The warming of the entire solar system has been supported by some scientists. One dramatic shift that is taking place is the strength of the sun’s electromagnetic field.

“According to a study by Dr. Michael Lockwood at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in England, the sun’s magnetic field has increased by 230 percent within the last 100 years. The energetic changes in the sun radiate outward though solar wind, thereby increasing the charge of interstellar space.

Another piece of evidence in favor of solar change is the sudden rise in galactic star dust. Ulysses, a space probe, has been monitoring the amount of star dust flowing through the solar system since 1992. The sun’s magnetic field impacts how much star dust drifts through the solar system. The magnetic field attracts more star dust as it strengthens.

The warming of Pluto

“Another affirmation of solar change comes from Pluto. Pluto resides on the icy outskirts of the solar system near a giant shell of astronomical bodies know as the Oort Cloud. Although Pluto resides in the coolest regions of the solar system, the dwarf planet is heating up.

“Specifically, Pluto’s atmospheric pressure has increased by 300 percent, which is more than any other planet in the solar system. Even more paradoxical, Pluto’s atmosphere is becoming denser as it travels farther away from the sun.

“Due to this, scientists suspect Pluto is at the forefront of a high energy region of the galaxy that the solar system is beginning to reside in.

“There is no doubt that human activity is impacting climate change. Nevertheless, there are other forces outside the solar system that are affecting climate inside the solar system. Whatever the case may be, Earth can expect a rough ride as it travels through foreign warm waters.

Once again, conventional climatologists have rejected these findings with the scorn they feel these conspiratorial theories deserve. There is, however, one fact which none of these climatologists can deny. And that is the presence of silky strands of chemtrails in the sky.

And this is where the claims of the anonymous source quoted earlier gain credence. For he, or she, is not alone in their testimony. Another whistleblower to come forward was a scientist (referred to as “Deep Shield”) living in the Berkeley/Emeryville/Oakland area of California.

Much of what he revealed matches what was included in the mysterious letter sent to Marjorie Tietjen that was quoted in a previous instalment. Again I have chosen to let him speak about issues that are relevant to this subject in his own words.

The Testimony of Deep Shield

“Most of the elements used in the spray are heavier than air, even in their powdered form they are heavier and will sink quickly. Mixing them with the polymers suspends the particles in the atmosphere high above the surface for longer periods of time, therefore in theory we do not need to spray as often or as much material.

“Since the suspended particles eventually do settle into the lowest part of the atmosphere and are inhaled by all life forms on the surface there is an attempt to counter the growth of mold by adding to the mixture mold growth suppressants – some of which may be of biological material.

“Though it would appear that the dispersal rate of the spray is fast, it is actually takes much longer to be an effective shield. There is a desired concentration being sought. One that is thick enough to stem the UV and the Infrared, while being thin enough to allow visible light through.

“A perpetual cloud cover would have disastrous effects on plant life; the food chain thus disrupted would soon collapse. The desired effect wanted is a thin cover that would theoretically create a daytime haze that allows plenty of sunlight while providing protection from UV radiation and also reflect enough infrared to maintain nominal temperatures.

“To insure that the chemicals are not tampered with, they are mixed and sprayed over random nations. This means that chemicals produced in the USA has a good chance of being sprayed over Russia, England and the USA.

“This random spray of material means that no nation would be certain that their chemicals will be sprayed over a nation which they have issues with. Russian planes may be seen in USA skies, but so too will USA planes be seen in Russian skies.

“The canisters used are sealed in a third nation that has no idea where its canister is going. Participating nations have their observers at every station where canister loading is done. All of this to insure that the shield is not used as a weapon.

“To further insure that the shield is not used as a weapon, non participant nations are sprayed by participants who must spray in order to get enough material to maintain their nations shield. It is understood that not spraying is as much a military offense as shooting at them.

“Due to the severity of the situation it is mandatory to maintain public calm for as long as possible. The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction – without the Shield mankind will die off with in 20 to 50 years.

“Most people alive today could live to see this extinction take place. This means that an announcement of the situation we face boils down to telling every man, woman and child on earth that they have no future, they are going to be killed.

“People would panic. There would be economic collapse, the production and movement of goods would collapse. Millions would die in all cities on earth, riots and violence would reduce civilian centers to rubble within days.

“Half of the population in dense metropolitan areas would try to leave the cities seeking ‘safety’ in the rural areas thinking that they would be safe.

“Those left behind in the cities would be at war with their neighbors, fighting for the remaining supplies. We would be telling the world that the world is coming to an end, and even with the Shield the chances of survival are small.

“Look at the kinds of material being used, aluminum, barium, titanium, etc. Most are highly reflective; in some instances the material is an absorber of gasses.

“In the case of reflection the desire is to reflect X amount of heat and X amount of UV while still maintaining acceptable (nominal) levels of UV and heat reaching the planet’s surface.

“Life requires a certain amount of both UV and Heat – too much will kill – so will too little. The apparent amount looks like a lot more than what is actually being sprayed per volume of air it is covering.

“Most of the whitening of the sky is not the material per se, but the collection of water vapor, which forms into suspended ice crystals. The introduction of the material causes the water vapor to collect like rain collects on individual particles of dust. (View Source)

This testimony of “Deep Shield” validates the information given to Marjorie Tietjen, and makes it clear that the underlying purpose of the global aerosol dispersal programme is to protect the earth from cosmic radiation that is impacting the earth from outside of the solar system.

Ultra-violet radiation

And the greatest threat to the survival of humanity at this time is the amount of dangerous ultra-violet radiation that is being emitted by the sun. While much of this radiation is necessary for life on earth to exist, some of it is not. In fact some of it is positively lethal.

Ultra-violet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than visible light, but longer than X-rays. This means that UV rays are normally invisible to humans. UV radiation is further broken down into three categories: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.

The sun emits ultra-violet radiation at all wavelengths. Under normal circumstances, half of the solar radiation at the top of the earth’s atmosphere consists of infrared light, which we feel in the form of heat. Of the remainder, 40% is visible light and 10% ultra-violet light.

While much of this ultra-violet light is blocked by the atmosphere before it reaches the earth’s surface, some of it is not. And it is this that can cause problems for human, animal and plant life. UV-B radiation can cause damage to the DNA, while UV-C is the most dangerous form of UV.

And although the authorities vigorously deny this, and will go to extraordinary lengths to hide this knowledge from the general public, it is evident that the amount of harmful ultra-violet radiation now reaching the earth is actually killing off plants, fishes, birds and other species.

One of the foremost investigators of the escalation of ultra-violet radiation around the planet is Dane Wigington. Dane has a background in solar energy, having been an employee of the Bechtel Power Corporation, and now lives in Bella Vista, California. Here is a recent video on the subject.

Video – Dangerous UV levels 

It is worth noting here that Dane Wigington believes that human beings are to blame for the high levels of UV radiation. He is clearly unaware that this is a problem affecting the entire solar system, and that chemtrails are therefore a response to, rather than the cause of, the UV problem.

Another person who has devoted his time to alerting Americans to the alarming rise in ultra-violet radiation, and the threat that this poses to life on this planet, is Michael Bradbury in Arizona, who uses the alias MrMBB333.  Here are a few of the videos he has posted recently on this subject on YouTube.

Video –  Colour Thief 

Video – Sunlight Strength

Video – UV White Out

Farmers, gardeners and others who spend much of their time outdoors are also reporting alarming developments in the natural world, and the damage that extreme UV radiation has been causing trees, plants, insects and birds, as can be seen from the following videos.

Video – Damage to trees 
Video – Damage to plants 
Video – Where are the flies? 

As these videos show, evidence of damage caused by dangerous UV-B and UV-C ultra-violet radiation can be seen almost anywhere one cares to look. Other examples of this are the red stop signs that have been bleached white in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas and Alabama.

Furthermore, people report that the sun’s rays feel so much hotter than before, and that it takes far less time to get  sunburned. Not only that, but the sun doesn’t even look the same. Instead of the old ball of yellow light, the sun now looks white hot – much like a welder’s arc lamp.

It is obvious that the entire cycle of life on the earth is being threatened, beginning with insects and plants. But how long will it be before we ourselves are affected? This is not a threat that looms in the distant future. It is happening now – at this very moment. We are reminded again of the words of the whistleblower.

“Terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, the potential threats of Iran and North Korea, nuclear conflagration — all pale when compared to the dire threat our world is facing right now. That’s right. Now. This instant — not some misty time in the far off future”.


Allan, An Inconvenient Truth, June 19, 2017, 1:38 pm

An Inconvenient Truth – Part Four

Marjorie Tietjen is a freelance investigative journalist who lives in the Greater New York area. One of the things she has investigated is the subject of chemtrails. Based on her research, she wrote a short article which appeared in Rense.com entitled Blatant ABC Chemtrail Subliminals.

She began the article with a question that had been bothering her over the years. The question was this.

“What is the main purpose of the extensive chemtrail jet aerosol program and is this operation a permanent necessity? I ask myself these puzzling and frustrating questions over and over again but there seems to be no certain answer”.

In the article she went on to bemoan the fact that despite the clear evidence of the presence of chemtrails in the sky, no one ever seemed to come forward with a clear and convincing answer to the questions who is doing this – and why? And how long will they keep doing it?

One can imagine her astonishment when, on the very day that her article appeared online, she received a long letter from an anonymous source answering all her questions. As she later wrote in a post to an online forum: “I’m not sure if he/she is an insider or just a researcher”.

But whatever the origin or source of the information provided in this letter, it was evident that the author wrote with authority. He or she clearly knew what they were talking about, and the answers that were given were truly stunning. The opening line could not have been more stark.

” I know what chemtrails are and their purpose”.

The writer then proceeded to go into minute detail about the nature of the chemtrail project, what chemicals were being used, how they were used, who was using them, and then most importantly, why they were being used. The letter ended with the following chilling words:

” When you see the chemplanes and the chemtrails in their wakes, look at them not with fear and trepidation, nor with anger and enmity, but embrace them and their brave crews. They are truly fighting the odds to save us and our planet.

“Look up at the skies and say a prayer for the heroes who are among us. If they fail, we all fail and our race itself may fail. But damn it, at least we went down swinging!” 

While most people would probably dismiss these words as conspiratorial propaganda, the writer then goes on to justify them by giving a detailed analysis of the development of the chemtrail programme. Because of the seriousness of the threat, I am letting his own words speak for themselves.

“Uncovering the terrible secret of chemtrails has led to many sleepless nights. What the human race faces, quite literally, is a battle for our future existence — at the very least a battle to try to retain the civilization we now enjoy.  

“Terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, the potential threats of Iran and North Korea, nuclear conflagration — all pale when compared to the dire threat our world is facing right now. That’s right. Now. This instant — not some misty time in the far off future.  

“As best as can be documented, chemtrails first appeared in our skies during 1997. But the growing awareness among certain scientific and military circles that something along the lines as chemtrails were needed to protect the human race began as long ago as the early 1980s.  

“Many hypotheses exist as to why the world’s military forces (initially, primarily the United States Air Force) embarked upon this massive, well-coordinated, atmospheric aerosol spraying. Most of the hypotheses border on fringe science, complete speculation or fantastic conspiracy theories.  

“These wide-ranging hypotheses span the spectrum from aerial applications in conjunction with HAARP technology being experimented with from installations in Alaska, Colorado, Utah, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Australia, the Antarctic and Japan (most are only familiar with the Alaskan operations as that has been heavily reported and discussed) — to wild assertions that it is some kind of “dumbing down” or “pruning” operation designed to take control of the greater populace, or de-populate the Earth to numbers that can be contained by some shadowy elite. Falling between these two extremes are those that believe that the now worldwide mission is somehow attempting to limit or forestall so-called global warming.  

“Those that are aware of the aerosol spraying (which is a surprisingly small number) and believe it has to do with the climate are actually the closest to the truth. But the truth is so shocking, so unnerving, and so likely to cause huge social and economic upheaval, that it is understandable why the “powers that be” have elected to attempt this planetary rescue mission while keeping most of the world in the dark.  

“Indeed, even most of the crews that fly the missions out of air force bases around the globe in specially re-fitted Lockheed and Boeing jets do not understand the true nature of their mission. The full scope of the mission is only revealed on a need-to-know basis. And what initially began as an American project has now been joined by almost every air force of every nation on Earth.  

“The residue of chemtrails have been analyzed by some independent laboratories and the results have been variable, and to an extent, conflicting. Barium, aluminum oxide particles and carbon black are the primary mixture and work together to create the atmospheric barrier.  

“Stories of samples from chemtrail residue analyzed by a facility in British Columbia, which is presumably licensed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, were said to have found (in addition to the jet fuel) numerous pathogens including: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, which causes respiratory infection and attacks the immunization system; Serratia Marcescens, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria causing pneumonia, endocarditis and meningitis; as well as Streptomyces and various molds capable of inducing heart disease, upper respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments.  

“The problem with any analysis that presumably detects pathogens in the aerosol mixture, however, is that the samples could easily have become contaminated as they were not retrieved while airborne, but harvested from the ground or near the ground.  

“Some think that the chemtrail mission is directly related to the late Dr. Edward Teller’s infamous white paper advocating aerosol spraying as a means towards global climate control. Dr. Teller, known throughout the world as the “father of the hydrogen bomb,” did write such a paper and it is still downloadable from the Internet as a PDF document.   

“The truth is, Dr. Teller’s paper was more of a coincidence than a primary motivator for the aerosol spraying program which had already been approved in principle by both President George H.W. Bush in 1989 and President William Clinton in 1991. In 2001, George W. Bush inherited the program and, working with virtually every government in the world, moved to institute the program on a planetary basis.  

“The Earth is in danger. Real danger. No, we are not about to be invaded by bug-eyed space aliens or gigantic mutant insects erupting from their atomically contaminated lairs. The danger, however, does sound like a science fiction scenario. Unfortunately it is real. Actually, to be exact, the Earth itself is not in imminent danger — merely every form of life that currently inhabits this planet.  

“When did this danger emerge? No one may ever know for certain, but the signs that something was beginning to go terribly wrong were observed by a few as far back as the 1940s. The true scope of the danger began to be realized in the late 1960s.  

“Less than 15 years later the data being analyzed confirmed that the worst fears were true. At that point the only questions in many researcher’s minds was, “How much time do we have?” and “Do we have a sufficient level of technology to save ourselves?”  

“In a way, we are lucky. If this crisis had emerged even 100 years ago the human race wouldn’t have stood a chance. It wouldn’t even have known what was happening to it. Even now we can understand the ultimate consequences, the effects, yet have very little knowledge of exactly what is causing the phenomenon.  

“While the world is heatedly debating issues such as war and rumors of war, pollution as a cause of global warming, the merits or lack of merits of certain religions or who will win the U.S. presidential election in November, the real action is occurring almost daily at 25,000 to 50,000 feet above our heads.  

“The heroes are anonymous; there are weapons sparkling pinpoints cutting through the atmosphere at 500 mph. I call them heroes because that’s what they are — men and women who are literally fighting every day in a valiant attempt to save all of our lives.  

“No one knows for sure if they will succeed. If they fail, however, the consequences are almost too terrible to contemplate. Quite simply, in the worst case scenario, a mass extinction will occur not experienced on Earth for almost 250 million years.  

“I do not wish to frighten anyone, nor am I a ”doom and gloomer,” for I believe that we have a good chance of making this work. Being a realist, however, I must admit there are no iron clad guarantees. Putting it bluntly, if we fail, the human race will, for the most part, cease to exist.  

“Climate is just one of the changes facing our brave, new world. Scientists have recently discovered that a new mass extinction is underway. Insect and animal migrations have begun on a titanic scale. Biological mutations are erupting spontaneously that have no counterpart historically and no easy explanation.  

“Most disturbing of all, it has been confirmed that human male sperm counts are dropping precipitously around the world — a trend that began to be noticed and tracked just several decades ago. Concurrent to this is the little reported fact that this trend towards infertility is not constrained to humans alone, but cuts across all mammalian species.  

“The late film director and producer, George Pal, created many classic science fiction and fantasy movies from the 1950s through the 1970s. One of his earliest films was the spectacular, “When Worlds Collide,” which some who speak of renegade planets or cometary bodies rely on heavy for their “factual” source material.  

“Well, rest easy, for it is very unlikely you or I will ever see the planetary impacts or close flybys (such as the much discussed “Planet X”) anytime soon. By anytime soon I mean during the next several thousand years.  

“Yet, in a sense, there are worlds colliding right now. These worlds are in our solar system and include our Earth. The collisions are not of mass, but energy. Some of the energy is coming from the sun, which has become more active than at any time since the last 1200 to 1400 years.  

“But other activity seems to be extra-solar in nature. Here a secret, but fierce debate has begun as to whether it is because our entire solar system has moved into a new area of space rampant with anomalous energy, or if it is cyclical in nature and energy streams between our system and another dimension have erupted once again after millions of years.  

“As I mentioned previously, the debate is interesting, but the effect is what is most important. Whatever the cause, it has been agreed upon that the effect is very quickly going to change our climate radically, displace billions, disrupt food supplies, cause massive outbreaks of disease, irradiate parts of the Earth, melt the Arctic ice, turn off crucial ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream that protect northern Europe from arctic-like conditions. . . and all that is merely the precursor of the breakdowns to come.  

“Mars… the ancient god of war, of turmoil, of destruction. The angry red planet. Perhaps aptly named, Mars was the first planet that gave us clues that what was happening to Earth’s climate had little, if anything, to do with fluorocarbon in hair spray or the burning of fossil fuels.  

“Large, politicized organizations like The Sierra Club and Greenpeace and politicians like Al Gore may still be beating the “evil industry is causing global warming” drum, but they are ignorant of the facts.

“The handwringers over the stalemated Kyoto Protocol don’t know or understand that their rather draconian agreement could have been passed and enforced to the letter and it would make not one iota of difference to the massive upcoming climate change ahead of us. It is analogous to attempting to stop a rampaging flood with a few, feeble sandbags.  

“Mars is heating up. Mars is undergoing massive climactic change, exactly as our Earth is warming. The year 2050 is about the time that NASA predicts the polar ice caps on Mars will be completely eradicated.  

“Curiously, the United States Navy has embarked on a time schedule to launch its new arctic fleet by 2050. You see, the year 2050 is when they project the north pole will be divested of much of its ice and its waterways will be open to navigation.  

“Mars and Earth are both losing their ice caps.  

“So, the Earth is heating up. . . and it’s not caused by pollution or volcanic action. Mars is heating up. . . and it is certainly not being caused by pollution, nor even volcanic eruptions. Are these the only two planets exhibiting such anomalous climate changes?  

“No. The amazing truth is every planet in our solar system is being affected, from Mercury all the way out to distant Pluto (mean distance from sun 3.67 billion miles). Astronomers first discovered that Pluto is heating up during their 2003 routine observations. The data left them scratching their collective heads. Not only was Pluto heating up, but it was getting hotter even as its orbit was taking it farther away from the sun!  

“Other observations of the planets during the past decade have revealed that Mercury, the closest planet to the sun (its mean distance from the Sun is cited as 36,000,000 miles) has developed an ice cap. Think about that: it has formed an icecap. What does that mean in respect to the extra-solar energy flowing into our system? It is heating up a world like Pluto while cooling down parts of a planet like Mercury, where the average temperature has always been measured as hot enough to melt lead.  

“But there is much more.  

“The thick atmosphere of Venus is rapidly changing. Its chemical composition has changed remarkably in the past several years and that change is accelerating. The giant gas planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) are heating up. The radiation being emitted from them has intensified. Remarkably, even their luminosity has increased from 50% to over 300% depending on the planet. And most astounding of all, Io, one of Jupiter’s many moons, has become so hot that if it continues its temperature rise Io is in danger of melting.  

“The climate change is not just affecting Earth. It is a solar-system-wide phenomenon.  

“Less than eight years ago the United States took the lead and instituted a brilliant and bold project borne out of desperation: creating a thermal, anti-radiation barrier in a band of our atmosphere beneath Earth’s troposphere. Although the project itself may cause some planetary climate change, it is calculated to cause far less damage than the events that have been extrapolated to occur in our near future.

“It is a two-edged sword as the aerosol spraying will undeniably affect some individuals making them sick or otherwise affecting to an extent their immune systems and respiratory systems. The trade off, however, is long term survival of our civilization.  

“The dice are rolling and no one knows if one of the most secret projects in history can protect our world from the extra-solar (perhaps extra-dimensional) catastrophes lying in wait ahead of us. It is ironic, that a project every bit as secretive as the breaking of the Nazi High Command codes, or the Manhattan atom bomb project, is visible in the skies above our heads on any given day (and sometimes any given night).

“It lends credence to the old intelligence axiom that the best way to keep something secret is by hiding it in plain sight. Obviously, hundreds of millions have seen chemtrails in the skies and have ignored them or dismissed them as simple ice-vapor contrails.  

“During the past several years some of the media have raised questions about chemtrails (such as Fox News’ reports about them in 2002). But the news reports mysteriously fade away and mainstream investigative reporters and science reporters who express an interest are, for the most part, persuaded to drop their efforts to identify exactly what is going on in our skies and why.  

“As long ago as the early 1940s, some physicists and astronomers began to notice a pattern of change coming over the sun. It did not become more pronounced until the new millennium arrived. During the past four years, from 2000 through 2004, the sun’s activity has become more unpredictable and more obvious. Scientists, some working for the military or the federal government, began to think the unthinkable: the sun and all the planets were beginning a massive transformation.  

“This transformation is unstoppable, potentially catastrophic to life and will most certainly cause the Earth’s environment to experience abrupt changes on a massive scale. Because the sun and all the planets together are reacting to this outside phenomenon, it is beginning to be suspected that some trans-dimensional energy in this region of space is interacting with the normal activity of the sun and the planets.  

“Richard C. Hoagland, among others, has been advocating such an energy transference between our universe and (for lack of a better term) a ”sister universe” for some years now. He has been all too aware of the significant changes happening with our sun and all the planets in our solar system. His latest paper discussing this phenomenon, (which he calls ”hyper-dimensional”) is “Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?” 

“Mr. Hoagland has a brilliant and highly imaginative mind. He is also a maverick. Because some of his methods are unorthodox and his insight unsettling, much of the scientific establishment tends to dismiss his ideas. The irony is, years after they dismiss his observations they often are found rushing to publish papers in peer publications exactly echoing what he often first pointed out to them. Such is the history of the established norm versus the insightful innovators.  

“Hyper-dimensionalism or trans-dimensional energy transference, call it what you will, this phenomenon seems to be at the root of the system-wide disaster unfolding right before our eyes. It is only the beginning, perhaps the beginning of the end.  

“H. G. Wells’ famous tale, “The Time Machine,” was spun about a nineteenth century inventor who breaks the boundaries of time and propels himself more than 800,000 years into the future only to find that the human race has split into two: the Eloi, who live on the surface of the world, and the Morlocks who are subterranean dwellers. Over the eons the Morlocks became monstrous, half-human cannibals that still controlled a rudimentary technology. The Eloi became simple, Eden-like creatures who were blissfully unaware that they were the entree of choice on the Morlock’s dinner plates.  

“The road ahead of us may not produce such a gruesome schism, but the human race may indeed be forced into a scenario similar to that envisioned by Mr. Wells’ scientific fantasy.  

“Many who read this are very much aware of the massive underground complexes that have been built in the United States and other countries since World War II. Much of the technology was acquired from Nazi engineering projects and during the last 60 years vastly improved upon using more advanced technology and materials.  

“The original purpose of most of the underground complexes (many in hollowed out mountains or under the wasteland of parched desert terrain) was for key elements of society and government to survive a nuclear cataclysm. To an extent that is still one of the purposes.  

“But all have been modified and more are being constructed around the world at breakneck speed in the event that the system phenomenon is not constrained by the aerosol chemical barrier, or the changes of the solar system last much longer than what is hoped. I say “hoped” because although there are numerous hypotheses, no one really knows how long this change will last or if, indeed, it may become permanent.  

“Therefore, millions of people may have to spend the rest of their lives in underground cities — and perhaps their children and grandchildren. Of course, that still leaves billions on the surface of a dying planet. How long those billions will be able to survive, no one knows.  

“The future “Morlocks” will be tasked with furthering the research so one day mankind can safely regain a foothold on the surface, while the “Eloi” will have to fend for themselves. Seeing the impact that the extra-solar changes could bring to this planet if the aerosol spraying program fails, it seems more likely that the ”Morlocks” will remain human, while the “Eloi” surface survivors (if any) could mutate into the monsters.  

“I have traveled around the world and lived in many different American cities. Currently, I reside in the Southwest. I watch the chemplanes fly in from Edwards Air Force base in California, desperately performing their mission. Although most of the crews are not aware of it, the success of their mission holds the fate of the human race in their hands.  

“Several months ago I met a flight engineer who is a regular crew member aboard a re-fitted U.S. Air Force Boeing aircraft that is part of the aerosol mission out of Edwards. I will call him “Roger Anderson,” although that is not his real name. 

“He is a friend of a friend of mine who works in chemical engineering. Anderson was quite frank with me after I divulged to him all I knew at that point about the history and mission of chemtrails. We were sitting in the corner of an almost deserted BBQ restaurant in the city of Simi Valley, California (a restaurant, by the way, often frequented by men who work at Northrop’s Skunkworks on Project Aurora, if that rings any bells with you).  

“Anderson confirmed the true mission objectives and protocols and laughed when I brought up some of the half-baked conspiracy theories out there. He shook his head and found it fascinating that people could believe that the government would purposefully try to make people sick on a worldwide scale. After all, he pointed out, we’re all breathing the same air — whether you are a farmer in Iowa, a mechanic in Texas or a politician in Washington, DC.  

“When I pressed him about the long term health effects from an aerosol spray that always contains at its base carbon black, ionized aluminum particles and barium, he admitted it will make some people ill. But he went on to argue that the alternative is much worse if just left to follow its own course without at least the attempt of human intervention. Based on what I have personally learned from my own research and contacts with government scientists these past few years, I had to agree.  

“So what comes next? Will we reach the apex of drama as depicted in that old British science fiction film, ”The Day the Earth Caught Fire,” where actor Leo McKern, portraying the editor of a London newspaper, holds up two possible headlines for the morning edition: ”Earth Saved. Billions Give Thanks,” or ”Earth Doomed. People of the World Pray.” The film ended with that scene and the viewer was left to their own imagination as to which scenario ensued.  

“We are in that same predicament. We don’t know exactly the cause of the phenomenon we are fighting. We don’t know how long it will last or the peak of its intensity. We only know that the Earth, as well as all the other planets and our sun, has become enveloped in an unknown energy field that threatens all stability across the solar system and our very lives”.   (View Source)

Allan, An Inconvenient Truth, June 5, 2017, 12:44 pm

An Inconvenient Truth – Part Three

Notice to Readers 

The following post contains videos of whistleblowers who reveal classified information. While watching these videos my computer was subjected to a massive hack attack.

Those who watch these videos should proceed with caution. For those who prefer not to take the risk, a short summary of each of these videos is provided in the text.

A Presidential Warning

In January 1961, three days before the end of his term in office, President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his farewell address to the nation. In it he included the following words:

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist”.

As he was the first person to use the phrase “military-industrial complex” in a public speech, few people had any idea what he was talking about, especially when he warned that “the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power” not only existed, but would continue to be a threat.

But even if they did, they could probably never have imagined how this military-industrial complex would one day come to dominate every aspect of American society. Sadly, Eisenhower’s warning has fallen on deaf ears, for the very disaster that he warned the nation about has now come to pass.

A Strange Phenomenon

Some twenty years ago, a few observant citizens around the United States began to notice an unusual phenomenon. They noticed that as planes flew overhead, some of them left cloudy trails behind them, while others did not. And some of these cloudy trails often hung around for hours.

Condensation Trails ?

Curious as to what the source of this phenomenon might happen to be, they approached the authorities. They were assured that this was nothing to worry about, because they were simply condensation trails which persisted in the sky as a result of fortuitous atmospheric weather conditions.

In fact these condensations trails, or contrails as they are usually called, are formed whenever water vapour condenses and freezes around small particles that are emitted from aircraft engine exhaust. They typically form when planes fly at high altitudes in sub-freezing temperatures.

According to Wikipedia, “depending on the temperature and humidity at the altitude these contrails form, they may be visible for only a few seconds or minutes, or may persist for hours and spread to be several miles wide, eventually resembling natural cirrus or altocumulous clouds”. 

And according to the authorities, the reason why these contrails seemed to be seen more often was easy to explain. More contrails were being seen, they said, because more planes were flying in the sky. And this continues to be the explanation that is offered to the public to this day.

My Personal Odyssey

I first began to notice these vapour trails in the sky about twenty years ago while I was taking my customary walks along the beach. Ever since I was young I have been in the habit of watching planes as they travelled across the sky. But there was something about these trails that was distinctly odd.

I was well aware of the existence of condensation trails forming behind aircraft travelling at high altitudes. But this is not a common feature in Vancouver where I live, because most planes operating around the airport fly at lower altitudes, as they are either taking off or landing.

But some of the planes left trails that did not dissipate after a few minutes as they normally would if they were simple condensation trails. Instead, they began to change shape almost immediately after they were formed, and then later spread out until they covered the sky.

Each individual trail would begin to break up into a sequence of separate tendrils, rather like the teeth of a comb. These tendrils would then steadily grow into separate patches of white cloud. It was these patches that would then expand until they filled the sky with a thin film of cloud.

I soon noticed that whenever one of these planes flew overhead leaving their distinctive trails behind them, that the sky would soon become overcast, filled with a thin veil of white cloud in a Cirrus type formation. But that in itself was not the most mysterious part of this phenomenon.

As I watched the planes that were laying down these trails, I saw that they would fly backwards and forwards along the same flight path. This made it obvious that they were not normal passenger planes, as FAA regulations forbid them from changing their prescribed routes in this way.

But what was even stranger was the fact that these planes had the ability to turn their exhaust trails on and off. So what would happen would be that a plane would lay down a certain length of trail, and then turn around and leave a similar trail parallel to it on the return journey.

It was clear to me that these parallel trails were being laid down in a precise pattern designed to take advantage of the offshore winds, so that these cloud formations would then blow inland and cover the whole of what is known as the “Lower Mainland” area of Vancouver.

I noticed that on summer days whenever the sky was clear, these planes would start spraying their mysterious trails as early as eight o’clock in the morning, and would then continue throughout the day until well past eight o’clock in the evening.

I also became aware of another odd phenomenon, this time associated with human behaviour. Whenever I pointed out these trails to strangers and asked them what they thought they were, they expressed no interest in them. They merely shrugged and carried on walking.

Meeting with the Media

After pestering my friends with questions about these trails which they could not answer, one of them suggested that I contact the Press about them. I did so, and made arrangements to meet with the Managing Editor of Vancouver’s largest newspaper at a local hotel.

At our meeting I explained what I had seen, and supported this with numerous documents and photographs. I pointed out that these trails hardly needed any documentation, because anyone could see them for themselves merely by going outside and looking up at the sky.

To my dismay, the Managing Editor responded by saying: “I do not believe in conspiracies”, and abruptly terminated our meeting. I subsequently learned that I was not alone, and that this was the standard response given by all authorities when confronted with questions about this subject.

To me this defied all logical reasoning. Here was a phenomenon that was clearly visible to anyone who cared to look. Yet even though local authorities must have been aware that something unusual was happening in Canadian skies, no one was prepared to talk about it.

It was as if the veil of cloud that filled the skies above Vancouver was being matched by a similar veil of secrecy by those responsible for protecting the environment. Even local weather forecasters ignored the presence of these clouds, dismissing them as normal features of the weather.

Digging Deeper

As I began to delve into this subject further, I discovered that one of the first people to undertake a serious investigation into these unusual trails was a fellow Canadian who lived not far from Vancouver. He was the award-winning environmental journalist William Thomas.

William Thomas

In January 1999, Thomas was asked by the Environment News Service to investigate these mysterious trails that were appearing in the sky. He did so, and subsequently issued a report entitled “Mystery Contrails may be Modifying Weather”.

This report gained immediate prominence, especially after he appeared as a guest on the popular late-night radio talk show hosted by Art Bell. Listeners from all over the United States called in to corroborate his findings, and he soon attracted a large following.

Thomas was also the first person to refer to these trails as “Chemical Trails”, later shortened to “Chemtrails”. He then went on to publish two books on the subject. The first was entitled Probing the Chemtrails Conundrum, which was followed by Chemtrails Confirmed.

Despite the success of both of these publications and the popularity of the subject with the general public, the reaction of the authorities was always the same. They dismissed his research as baseless, while his ideas of weather modification were greeted with ridicule and scorn.

To this day the word “chemtrails” has become inextricably linked with conspiracy, and anyone who tries to discuss this subject seriously in an open forum is treated as being of unsound mind. If anyone doubts this, I suggest they try raising this subject at their next dinner party!

Anyway, I was undeterred by this public opprobrium. In fact I have learned over the years that if you want to find out the truth about anything in life, it is a good idea to focus first on anything that is rejected by the authorities. And the more strident the criticism, the more likely it is to bear fruit.

I wanted to know what these trails were made of. I found out that over the years many people had taken samples of soil and water from heavily sprayed areas and sent them to reputable laboratories for analysis. The results of these tests have revealed some highly disturbing results.

Independent testing has confirmed that chemtrails contain a dangerous and extremely poisonous mix of chemicals that includes: barium, nano-aluminum-coated fibreglass (known as CHAFF), radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, ethylene dibromide and polymer fibres.

It is hardly surprising therefore that concerned citizens throughout the United States have come together to voice their outrage at what they see as a threat to their health and to the environment. A recent meeting in Shasta County in California is a case in point, as shown below. (Note: This video is safe to watch)

Once it became obvious that a cocktail of dangerous chemicals was being systematically sprayed all over the country on a regular basis, concerned citizens began asking the obvious question: Who is doing this and why? The trouble was that those who should have had an answer, had no answer.

When approached, the authorities simply dismissed the whole topic of chemtrails as a conspiracy hoax that had been foisted upon a gullible public. The situation has been neatly summarised by Richard Leviton in his book Welcome to Your Designer Planet!  In it he writes:

“We see these anomalous jet vapor trails increasingly overhead with no explanation. Hardly any media attention is given to them, yet often 50-75 trails are laid across the sky in an area in a single day, and this goes on, reportedly, all around the world, and it has been increasing since about the year 2000”.

“It is surprising how many otherwise intelligent people are hoodwinked into assuming the bizarre expanding chemtrails are normal jet exhaust from heavy air traffic. They are dispensed by jets clearly flying much higher than commercial traffic, presumably at 40,000+ feet, probably higher”.

Leviton writes about the standard response given by the authorities when asked about this phenomenon. “To start with, the U.S. Air Force refuses to discuss chemtrails as they brand this notion a hoax and they do not discuss hoaxes”.

And this is where the warning given by President Eisenhower in his farewell address, quoted earlier, assumes a grim reality, not just for the United States but for the whole of humanity. For as Richard goes on to point out:

“When you look up at what used to be a clear blue sky and see obnoxious criss-crosses of white feathery artificial substances and numerous parallel tracks of straight white lines, you know that not only is something being done to you but it’s done with contempt and a kind of black magic-flavored glee”.

We are reminded again of Eisenhower’s words when he warned: “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist”. The threat which this poses for humanity has been exposed by Leviton when he writes:

They’re not even bothering to veil their activities or hide behind facades and lies. They’re doing it and they refuse to discuss it; our public reaction is utterly irrelevant to them”.

When Eisenhower warned the country about this threat of “misplaced power”, he called it the Military-Industrial Complex. And that is exactly what it is. It is a combination of military power and industrial might that is shrouded in secrecy beyond the reach of any governmental agency.

It is worth noting here that when Edward Snowden revealed his trove of classified information about how the Central Intelligence Agency was spying on Americans, he was not an employee of the CIA. He actually worked for one of its contractors by the name of Booz Allen Hamilton.

So classified programmes conducted by the military frequently use private contractors, where all employees are bound by the highest levels of secrecy. But despite this tight control, whistle-blowers like Snowden do occasionally slip between the cracks. Another of these is Kristen Meghan.

So here we have the testimony of a person who worked for the U.S. Air Force for nine years as a specialist in Bio-engineering, whose job it was to review the use of all chemicals to ensure that they posed no threat to people or the environment, and that they met EPA standards.

And when she discovered orders for large quantities of hazardous chemicals, and then found that samples of air, soil and water taken from surrounding areas in Oklahoma, Georgia and Chicago showed unusually high levels of these same chemicals, she was “demonised” by fellow staff.

And when she persisted in raising questions about the use and purpose of these chemicals, she was told that she would be locked up in a mental institution and that her daughter would be taken away from her. It would be easy to dismiss her testimony if she was alone in what she said.

But she is not.

Disturbing stories continue to emerge from sources within the U.S. Air Force which corroborate her claims. Kristen said that pilots involved in spraying these chemicals were too scared to come forward and tell the world what they know. The following video would seem to bear this out.

It is clear from the third-hand information provided in the video above, that the U.S. Air Force pilot quoted here has gone to great lengths to ensure that his testimony could not be traced back to him, and that he felt that his career and possibly even his life would be in peril if it was.

He claims that he was employed as an aerosol (chemtrail) dispersal pilot engaged in a global geo-engineering programme operating under a classified top-secret code-name. It was his job, he said, to fly designated patterns within a 250 mile zone that alternated between day and night flights.

He said that pilots were rotated constantly, and seldom stayed in one place for more than 18 months. This was done to prevent “loose lips” and to preserve strict security. He said he was warned that harsh disciplinary action would be taken against him if he ever talked about what he did.

He said that pilots were told that the reason for the aerosol dispersal programme was to create an atmospheric shield designed to protect the United States from fearsome aerial weapons that could be used by hostile nations, although he said he thought that this was just a cover story.

He then referred to something that goes to the very heart of the strategy that was devised many years ago by the Military-Industrial Complex. It is the strategy of “compartmentalisation”. Over the years this has proved to be highly successful in preventing leaks in classified operations.

Under this strategy, all secret military projects operate on a “need to know” basis. What this means is that people who are assigned to a particular area or department are never told what other departments are doing. So only the most senior people are permitted to know what is really going on.

So a person working within a particular aspect of a secret project is forbidden to talk about what they do with anyone else, and they are never told what others involved in that project are doing. And anyone who breaks that rule of secrecy quickly attracts the attention of military security.

And as the following video indicates, anyone who tries to reveal classified information to the press or to the general public invites retribution by any or all of the forces available to the Federal government. And for those whose breach of security is deemed extreme, the penalty is death.

The compelling saga described in the video above should shock any American who still believes that they live in a free country ruled by the Articles of the Constitution, and governed by elected officials who carry out their duties within the constraints set out in that Constitution.

For in this video Kevin Shipp relates his experiences while working for the Central Intelligence Agency as an Anti-terrorism Specialist. When he joined the CIA he was required to sign an oath that he would protect the country from any and all threats, both foreign and domestic.

He then goes on to describe his dismay at finding out that people within the Agency were doing illegal and unconstitutional things. But as he points out, most people who work at the Agency simply turn a blind eye to these things, knowing that their careers are at stake if they try to protest.

He goes on to claim that a secret government exists that is operating outside of the constraints of the Constitution that is beyond the reach of the U.S. Congress. He calls this secret government the Shadow Government, the Hidden Government or by the popular term of “Deep State”.

He believes that America is currently being ruled by subversion, force and fear, and that covert (secret) programmes exist in almost all of the government agencies, including the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

As he explains, these agencies require all of those people engaged in classified black budget projects to sign binding secrecy agreements (non-disclosure agreements) as a condition of employment, and that it is these agreements which serve as the ultimate tool in maintaining secrecy.

People who sign these agreements actually sign away their rights under the American Constitution, and those who challenge these agreements can be terminated and put into prison. They can also be denied their pension benefits, and have interest rates on loans raised to penal levels.

Shipp also revealed a little known fact about the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, which was designed to protect those who disclosed information from retaliatory Government action, and that is those who have signed non-disclosure agreements are specifically excluded from the Act.

Shipp also had some deeply disturbing things to say on the subject of chemtrails. He said that the Secret Government had been spraying the skies above North America since 1997 with a cocktail of toxic substances, and that this was routinely denied by military and government officials.

He pointed out that by cooperating in secret with jet fuel manufacturers, the government had kept the knowledge about this aerosol dispersal programme completely under wraps for over twenty years, and had ignored the threat that it poses to the public and to the environment.

It was the actually the presence of these chemicals that poisoned his family and caused him to leave the Agency. The story of his personal struggle to reveal the truth of what was really going on in the CIA was finally published under the title From the Company of Shadows.

The Great Enigma

So here we have an enigma with profound implications for the future of humanity.

On the one hand we have the Paris Accord, where 195 countries have accepted the scientific verdict that global warming is the result of human beings burning fossil fuels, and have committed themselves to a campaign of reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

And on the other hand we have a global programme conducted by the military that has been going on for more than twenty years, of aircraft spraying toxic chemicals in the atmosphere and thereby increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

How can we possibly explain these two diametrically opposing campaigns?

One possible answer presents itself. And that is that the true cause of global warming is not the result of what human beings are doing on the planet, but is rather the result of what is happening to the entire solar system as it travels through space.

In the book The Last Days of Tolemac, when asked about the causes of climate change upon the earth, the Oracle replied:

“The most significant change that has taken place in the weather of your planet has been the phenomenon called global warming. While this phenomenon is real, its true causes are little understood by your scientists. Most of them are convinced that this is a phenomenon that is limited to the earth, and that because of this human behaviour must be to blame. 

“These scientists believe that global warming can be reversed if only humanity can be persuaded to reduce their use of such things as fossil fuels before it is too late. While anything that your scientists can do to improve the atmosphere on earth is desirable, it is already too late to reverse these changes.  

“That is because the problem of global warming does not have its origin on the earth. It will be clear to those scientists who care to look, that the heating of the earth is the localized effect of an increase in energy that is affecting the entire solar system.

“Not only are higher temperatures being recorded on the earth, but on other planets as well. Even the sun itself is undergoing a profound change.

“The reason why the sun and the planets are undergoing these changes together, is because the area of space through which the entire solar system is now travelling has much higher levels of cosmic radiation than was the case during the Piscean age”.  

As we will see in the next instalment, there is evidence that the Military-Industrial Complex certainly believes this to be the case, and that the true purpose of their global aerosol dispersal programme is to shield the earth from the increased cosmic radiation impacting the earth from space.

Allan, An Inconvenient Truth, May 21, 2017, 12:17 pm