Are We on the Threshold of a Brave New World — With Peace and Prosperity for All?
Are We Teetering on the Brink of Unprecedented Disaster? — Or Both??

"What Ancient Prophecies say about the Events that are Now Happening on the Earth, as well as the Coming Global Catastrophes..."

"...And Will There be a New Golden Age?"

By Allan Colston,                         

Tuesday, 11:11am
Dear Friend,

Throughout history, brave souls have stepped forward and shared sacred knowledge with all who would have ears to listen. From The Book of Revelation, Nostradamus, and Edgar Cayce to modern day prophets.

Many ancient cultures spent massive resources to observe what was happening in the Heavens and for good reasons. Many catastrophes came from near misses of comets, asteroids and planets.

Prehistoric cultures knew that there was a repeating pattern to their disasters and that they better prepare for the next visit from an angry God (in the form of a planet, comet or asteroid)! Unfortunately, modern man forgot. After thousands of years of relative peace in the Solar System, we began to assume that we have nothing to worry about from Outer Space.


The entire earth is now facing the Great Initiation as foretold by our ancient sacred writings. We see it everyday in the newspaper headlines: Global Warming, War, Earthquakes, Stock Market Crashes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis.

And a part of this Initiation owes its power to the stars...

The Mayans and Aztecs built extraordinary calendars covering thousands of years. They knew that many patterns in outer space took eons to repeat, but repeat they would.

And they wanted to prepare their descendants for them.

Patterns, like the return of comets, some of which could take over 5,000 years to return, but when they did, they would bring massive disruption in the form of earthquakes, wild weather, volcanoes and even knock the earth off its axis.

The Mayan Calendar ends in December of 2012.

The Age of Pisces is ending and the Age of Aquarius has begun.

And when you end one Cosmic Cycle and begin another there is a lot of "Spring Cleaning" that has to take place -- on a planetary, national and personal scale.

What is Happening to the Earth?

We live in a world of Cause and Effect. Every action has a consequence. Under normal circumstances, our Karmic consequences may work themselves out over long periods of time, even lifetimes. After all Nature has forever...

But these are not normal circumstances.

This is one of those times when Karma needs to be balanced in a very short time frame. The next Great Cycle, what some call the Age of Aquarius, others call the Biblical End Times or Second Coming, require the Karmic balancing or cleansing before it can manifest its divine potential.

It won't be pretty, but if you know it's coming, know why it's coming and prepare for it, you will deal with the changes and its effects much better.

Should you be afraid?

Only if you have something to be afraid of...

The Key to understanding the coming Karmic cleansing lies deep in our distant past...

The Mystery of Stonehenge

Today's scholars are still debating the reason why thousands of years ago, man put so much effort into building massive structures with no apparent purpose. However it had a very important function.

To watch the Heavens...

...for the return of the comet.

The Solar System has been much quieter for the past 3500 years than it was previously. Asteroids and Comets, along with the other planets, were frequent visitors to earth and often came very close to hitting our planet. The results were more volcanic action, earthquakes, and changes to the earth's orbit and axis.

There was a time when the earth took 360 days to travel around the sun, not the 365 and a quarter days it now takes. Archeologists have found plants and animals seemingly 'flash frozen' in the Arctic, suggesting that the earth 'flipped' on its axis and what was a temperate climate instantly became frozen.

The Bible talks about the Sun remaining frozen in the sky for a whole day, while on the other side of the planet, the ancient Aztecs describe a prolonged night.

The ancient inhabitants of England were not the only people concerned with the Heavens. The Great Pyramid in Egypt had astronomical functions as did the Mayan's. They were all concerned with the effect extraterrestrial bodies had on their lives, the earth and growing seasons.

There was good reason to be concerned. Plato spoke of Atlantis sinking beneath the waves. There was the Great Flood of Noah. Mankind was often at the mercy of catastrophic celestial events.

And one of history's most famous seers also spoke at length about a returning comet and its impact...

Nostradamus Predictions Revealed

NostradamusFive hundred years ago, Nostradamus wrote about the return of the comet:

A great fire will fall from the sky for three nights
The cause will appear stupefying and marvelous
Shortly thereafter there will be an earthquake.

After great misery for humanity, a greater one comes
When the Great Cycle of the centuries is renewed.
In the Heavens will be seen fire, dragging a trail of sparks.

He wrote over 60 quatrains about the End Times and how we would recognize them. In his era, prophecy was regarded as Witchcraft. Witches were tortured and burned at the stake.

So it is easy to see why Nostradamus was obscure in his writings.

But he also wrote letters to his son and to the King of France, and in those letters he was very clear about exactly what would happen at the End of The Age.

The Coming Earth Changes,
A New Map of the Earth?

Edgar Cayce and His PropheciesThe American Psychic, Edgar Cayce, discussed many upheavals in the days to come, including the fate of Antarctica and the Arctic.

Cayce predicted the beginning and end of both the First and Second World Wars, and the lifting of the Depression in 1933. In the 1920s, he first warned of coming racial strife in the United States, and in 1939 he predicted the deaths of two presidents in office;

    "Ye are to have turmoils -- ye are to have strife between capital and labor. Ye are to have a division in thy own land, before ye have the second of the Presidents that next will not live through his office... a mob rule!"

President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office in April 1945. In November 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, when racial tensions in the United States were at their height.

As the Earth moves through its transition, expect massive changes to the geography of the planet as countries sink and lost lands rise out of the ocean.

Discover the fate of Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

Cayce's graphic descriptions of the earth changes in North America, Europe and the rest of the world have been discussed and caused controversy all over the world.

What will the world look like after the coming Earth Changes?

New World Map

Some people have put together maps of what the new world will look like. The Hopi indians of the Southwest USA have ancient prophecies dealing with earth changes as have people like Gordon-Michael Scallion, George Shaffer and others.

What many people do not realize is how dramatically the world has changed in the past. One of the most interesting geographical mysteries surrounds the Piri Reis Map, an accurate map of the Antarctic region drawn 300 years before Antarctica was discovered. But it shows an ice free Antarctica...

Which bring us to the next Big question:

Will Atlantis Rise Again?

The story of the Isle of Atlantis first occurs in Plato's two dialogues the "Timaeus" and the "Critias". Plato's story centers on Solon, a great Greek legislator and poet, who journeyed to Egypt some 150 years earlier. While in the Egyptian city of Sais, Solon received the story of Atlantis from priests.

The priests respected Solon's reputation and cordially welcomed him. They also respected the Athenians, whom they regarded as kinsmen, because they believed their deity Neith to be the same deity that the Greeks called Athena.

The story that the priests told Solon was unknown to him. According to ancient Egyptian temple records the Athenians fought an aggressive war against the rulers of Atlantis some nine thousand years earlier and won.

Soon pride overtook the rulers who soon began grasping for greater power. Then Zeus saw what had happened to the rulers. They had abandoned the laws of the gods and acted in an evil coalition of men. He assembled all the gods of Olympus around him and was to pronounce judgment on Atlantis.

As a result of the Greek god's wrath, Atlantis sank into the ocean, where it would remain until it arose during the End of Days.

Gordon-Michael Scallion's “Future Map of the World”, for example, clearly shows Atlantis right where Plato said it was.

But what does The Bible have to say about all this?


Little Known Discoveries in The Holy Bible,
From the Old Testament to the New Testament,
Clearly Aimed at Believers of Today

Because the End of the Age will have such a dramatic impact on Humanity, references to it and what to expect can be found throughout the Old Testament, including:

The Book of Ezekiel
The Book of Joel
The Book of Amos
The Book of Nahum
The Book of Habakkuk
The Book of Haggai
The Book of Daniel
The Book of Malachi and many others...

“I have always wondered how the prophecies of the Old Testament featured in the events that are unfolding in the world today, but this is all explained so clearly in this ebook.”

William H, Adelaide, Australia

But not only in the Old Testament, but also in the New Testament, there are many references to what will come. Jesus Christ talks about the End Times throughout the Gospels. He graphically explains what will happen and what to do to prepare for His Return.

His words are found in the Gospels of St. Luke, St. Mathew, and St. Mark. And that's not all...

One of the most difficult books in The Bible is John's Book of Revelation. It is the only Biblical book that is wholly composed of apocalyptic literature. However it has always been difficult to understand...

Until today.

Introducing The Last Days of Tolemac...Last days of Tolemac
The Last Days of Tolemac

Tolemac was an ancient civilization at the Dawn of Time, and now, at the End of Time, its Oracles have returned to impart their wisdom and knowledge to assist us in understanding the events to come.

The Last Days of Tolemac reveals the Secrets of the Prophets through a series of conversations between the author and the Oracles of Tolemac. All in plain, easy to understand language, plus much more...

Book of Revelation Interpreted

How to Identify the Anti-Christ

The Coming Polar Shift

Rebuilding the Third Temple of Solomon

The Truth about Global Warming

The Truth behind the Golden Sun Disc of Mu

Prophecies of Edgar Cayce Explained

The Secret Purpose of Ancient Astronomy

The Hidden Past of Planet Earth

When will Armageddon Arrive?

The fate of the Sacred Writings of Atlantis and Lemuria

Prophecies of Nostradamus Revealed

Close Encounters with Comets and their impact on Ancient Cultures

What happened to the Lost Civilization of Paititi

“I have read many books about the future. Some of them are vague and some of them are obviously wrong. What makes this book different is that it makes specific predictions and then backs them up with quotations that I find very convincing.

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He made many predictions about the Biblical End Times that we live in.

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